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UFC 207: Ronda Rousey vs. Amanda Nunes – Live Blog

She’s back! Or at least that’s what they are telling us. This is Ken Boehlke, checking in live from T-Mobile Arena on the Las Vegas Strip at UFC 207 Rousey vs. Nunes.

CBS Las Vegas–12/30/2016

3 Games That Changed The 2016 NCAA Tournament

We take a look at the three games that held the biggest impact on the 2016 NCAA Tournament.

CBS Las Vegas–04/03/2016

Beard Set to Become New UNLV Coach

UNLV is a program in dire need of not only a great head coach, but an excellent leader of young men who want to be apart of something much bigger than themselves.

CBS Las Vegas–03/28/2016

Top-3 First Weekend Upsets

With this March bringing the usual amount of madness to college basketball fans across the country…

CBS Las Vegas–03/22/2016

Blake Griffin: Return of the Bounce

Griffin, who has been sidelined for five weeks with a broken right hand, is looking ahead of schedule.

CBS Las Vegas–03/06/2016

Turmoil! Diaz Beats McGregor and Tate Beats Holm At UFC 196

Two of the UFC’s biggest names both fell on the same night. Nate Diaz took down Conor McGregor in the second round via rear naked choke and Miesha Tate did the same to Holly Holm in the fifth round.


The UFC Scoring System Is Broken: Here’s The Simple Fix

There’s a fundamental problem with the sport of mixed martial arts, and that is, if one fighter is not KO’ed, submitted, or injured, a winner must be determined in a different way. The current UFC standard, and the standard used by every MMA organization as well as every boxing organization in the world, is to have a three judge panel “score” the fight and choose the eventual victor.


4 Prospects to Watch in NFL Combine

Four of the most intriguing prospects in the upcoming 2016 draft

CBS Las Vegas–02/23/2016

Jordan Spieth: Millennials Tiger

Yes, it’s extremely negligent to put Spieth in the same conversation as Tiger, but if you really love the game of golf and watch it regularly the comparisons in their game are scarily alike.

CBS Las Vegas–02/17/2016

3 Teams Who Could De-Throne Warriors out West

Yes, I’m aware the NBA world has already proclaimed the 2015-2016 Golden State Warriors NBA champions.

CBS Las Vegas–02/16/2016

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