• Power to the Polls Kickoff in Las Vegas; 1/21/18
  1. Nicole says:

    I’m just wondering why you feel you ‘need’ lelgary representation in the first place when this new age of showing and selling your art via the internet is already having a huge impact on artists lives around the world.I’m so excited about collecting art from Europe, America and everywhere else! I have to say, I think I’m over the whole lelgary thing.I was recently in a well known lelgary seriously considering buying a painting, when I realised I couldn’t stand the whole lelgary process. It was like dealing with a used car dealer! I could almost feel my Visa card crying out to buy direct from the artist – across the web!!! Needless to say I walked out thinking I should find out if the artist had a website…Here’s the thing, you only need a handful of devoted fans to ‘make a living’ and trust me, they’re out there…

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