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2014 NFL Combine

Live And Local With Kevin Wall 05/12/14: Michael Sam and “The Kiss”

After hearing the news of being drafted by the St. Louis Rams, Michael Sam kissed his boyfriend on live TV. Kevin and callers discuss the media coverage of “the kiss” and whether it was offensive, inspirational, or neither. RJ Columnist Glenn Cook makes his weekly appearance to talk Sam, Sterling, and more.


Controversial Nevada Rancher Sparks Backlash From Previous Supporters After Racist Comments

Live And Local With Kevin Wall 05/09/14: Coming After The Militia

Former Metro Police Captain Jimmy Dillon joins the show to talk about the FBI and their investigation into the militia members who backed up Cliven Bundy. Ron Futrell goes all sunshine and lollipops on Live and Local. Finally, it’s the List, five things you need to know on this Friday afternoon.


(FILES) File picture showing a man playi

Live And Local With Kevin Wall 05/08/14: Nationwide Online Gaming

David Schwartz from the UNLV Center for Gaming Research joins the show to talk about the effects of nationwide online gaming, as well as the impact it would have on Vegas. Danny Tarkanian talks online gaming, Donald Sterling, and bullying with Kevin.



Live And Local With Kevin Wall 05/07/14: Medical and Recreational Marijuana in Vegas

Commissioner Steve Sisolak talks about what the city approved in the recent meetings regarding medical marijuana. Kevin and callers discuss bullying in schools and whether or not CCSD is doing enough to stop it. Also, State Senator Tick Segerblom talks about the effects of medical marijuana on the city of Las Vegas and how big the industry could be here.


Fracking In California Under Spotlight As Some Local Municipalities Issue Bans

Live And Local With Kevin Wall 05/06/14: Global Disruption

Award winning Princeton physicist Dr. Will Happer takes on the term “global disruption,’ going as far as calling it nonsense. Liz Farmer, staff writer with Governing Magazine and governing.com joins the show to tall us how close North Las Vegas is from going down the same path as the city of Detroit. Also, Kevin and callers discuss welfare and unemployment benefits.



Live And Local With Kevin Wall 05/05/14: Right To Bear Arms

UNLV Professor Ian Bartrum talks about an interesting case in New Jersey claiming the right to bear arms only extends to the front door of your home. Kevin and callers discuss Representative Steven Horsford’s comments about the BLM.



Live And Local With Kevin Wall 05/02/14: What Should Sterling Do Now?

Kendall Tenney, media consultant with 10e Media tells us what the next course of action for Donald Sterling should be. Also, Kendall makes fun of Ron for his angry interaction with a caller last week. Plus, Kevin, Ron, Ken, and Jason bring you Kentucky Derby picks, Mint Julep recipes and more during Live and Loco.


General Views Of New York

Live And Local With Kevin Wall 05/01/14: Taxi Companies vs. Uber

Sports Business Scholar and Law Professor, Marc Edelman, talks to Kevin about the legalities of franchise owners being forced to sell. Kevin and callers discuss the ultimate result of Donald Sterling’s ownership of the Clippers post-comments. Cab companies in Vegas are up in arms about the new ride-share service in the city called Uber. Kevin and callers sound off.


Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Clippers

Live And Local With Kevin Wall 04/30/14: Donald Sterling’s First Amendment Rights

Attorney Mark Randazza joins the show to talk about Donald Sterling’s First Amendment rights. He gives a succinct answer to whether or not the NBA violated Sterling’s rights. Harry Reid urges the NFL to take the cue from the NBA and force Dan Snyder to change the name of the Washington Redskins. Kevin and callers weigh in.


Minnesota Timberwolves v Los Angeles Clippers

Live And Local With Kevin Wall 04/29/14: NBA Bans Sterling For Life

Kevin interviews Bob Massi, partner with Massi and Assosciates about the legalities of forcing Donald Sterling to sell his NBA franchise. Professor of economics Peter Morici joins the show to talk about some stunning statistics. And, callers to discuss if the penalty for Sterling was too harsh, too lenient, or just right.