AUSTIN, TX (KXNT) – In a town that never sleeps and is known for tipping (or at least encourages people to tip), a new survey has been released that shows exactly who the best tippers are.

The best tippers are men, Republicans, northeasterners and credit or debit card users, according to a new report. All of these groups tip a median of 20% when dining at a restaurant. At the other end of the spectrum, women tip a median of 16% and Democrats, southerners and cash users tip a median of 15%.

“We actually found the median tip at a restaurant was 18% percent and that’s exactly what people in the western half of the United States, like Las Vegas, typically do,” said Matt Schulz, analyst with “You’re not going to get very far in Las Vegas if you’re not ready to tip that valet or folks like that. It’s just kinda a way of life out there,” said Schulz.

One in five sit-down restaurant goers doesn’t leave any gratuity at all, at least occasionally. The sweet spot is a tip of 16-20%; about half of those who tip restaurant servers typically fall within this range. Between 11-15% is a distant second.

“I was definitely surprised by how many people tip over 15%, but I was also surprised by how many people never tip at all at a restaurant,” said Schulz. “How is that even possible? I’m guessing they don’t get very good service on their next visit,” Schulz said.

The survey also examined Americans’ tipping habits at hotels, coffee shops and hair salons/barber shops:

-27% of hotel customers always tip their housekeeper; 31% don’t.

-29% who visit coffee shops always tip their barista; 30% don’t.

-67% always tip their hair stylist/barber; 12% don’t.

While men tend to be more generous restaurant tippers than women, that doesn’t apply to the other three categories. Women are more likely than men to tip:

-Hotel housekeepers (47% of women always/mostly tip, versus just 33% of men)

-Baristas (47% of women always/mostly tip compared with 41% of men)

-Hair stylists/barbers (79% of women always/mostly tip against 74% of men)

The survey was done by Princeton Survey Research Associates International.


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