LAS VEGAS (AP) — The U.S. Interior Department has received thousands comments about whether President Donald Trump should keep the scenic, ecologically fragile and artifact-rich Gold Butte area in southern Nevada protected as a national monument.

Monday was the last day that Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke took public comments on Gold Butte, declared by President Barack Obama in December. Zinke asked for feedback on the monument and 26 others as part of a review about whether they were properly established.

At least 35,000 comments mention Gold Butte but some only mention it as a monument under review.

The monument covers 470 square miles (1,217 square kilometers) northeast of Las Vegas.

Gold Butte is perhaps best-known as the grazing area at the center of a cattle round-up and armed standoff in April 2014 involving federal land management agents and Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy.


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  1. Gold Butte doesn’t need federal ‘protection’. It’s out there in the middle of nowhere and no one is bothering it. I’d like to see that land returned to public land….they don’t spend any money to do anything to it. There are no campgrounds, no facilities, no good roads even! There is not one thing they need federal funding for out there. It will still be there if it’s federal funding is pulled, exactly the same as it is now except maybe we can visit the area and know the feds are not getting fatter on a piece of land that needs no care. It’s a natural area.

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