LAS VEGAS (KXNT) – Have you noticed your morning commute running a little more smoothly this week? That’s likely because it’s spring break for Clark County School District students and staff. No more slamming on the brakes for that approaching school zone, or even waiting to turn right at that green light because children are crossing.

It may be a great week for children and commuters, but it’s extra work for officers with the Nevada Highway Patrol and California Highway Patrol.

For the first time, NHP are joining forces with CHP targeting the highly traveled Interstate 15 corridor between California and Las Vegas. It’s estimated that an average of 45,000 cars enter Nevada on the I-15 corridor from Los Angeles on a daily basis.

That means an average of 16 million cars enter every year.

Through next week, school districts in California and Nevada will be on spring break, so both agencies are expecting heavy traffic.

According to NHP, this stretch of highway was once considered one of the most deadly stretches of road in the United States. With the collaborative efforts of the two agencies, they’ve managed to reduce the number of fatal crashes along I-15 through enforcement and education.

The California Highway Patrol will focus its efforts on the California side of I-15 and will include the use of their fix winged aircraft that measures speed from the air.


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