LAS VEGAS (AP) — Las Vegas betting oddsmakers thought they might be headed for a big payday Sunday. But the New England Patriots and a two-point conversion that led to the first-ever Super Bowl overtime left them with mixed results.

Sportsbook director Frank Kunovic of the Caesars Palace hotel-casino says Caesars raked in a decent amount of money from bettors.

But he says the take would have been better if the Patriots had missed the conversion that tied the game.

The favored Patriots went on to beat the Atlanta Falcons 34-28. The game’s score exceeded the total points that most bettors predicted.

Gamblers wagered a record $138.5 million at Nevada casinos on the big game.

Unaudited Super Bowl betting tallies made public Monday by state regulators showed Nevada bet takers made over $10.9 million.

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  1. 138million in bets and the casinos payed out 10million , so thats a profit of 128 million that sounds like a great pay day for the casinos.

    1. My mistake.. why cant i delete my comment made in error?

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