CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) — The Democratic leader of Nevada’s Senate doesn’t like Gov. Brian Sandoval’s latest plan to finance private schools with public money.

Senate Majority Leader Aaron Ford said Tuesday night the Republican governor’s proposal to spend $60 million over the next two years on a private school voucher program is the “wrong priority for Nevada’s kids.”

Ford says any amount of money directed to the private Education Savings Account will result in less money made available to public schools. The Nevada Supreme Court recently ruled the financing plan approved by the last GOP-controlled Legislature in 2015 was unconstitutional.

Ford says Nevada has made great strides under Sandoval’s tenure to diversify the economy and create new jobs and higher wages. But he says more has to be done to help those who’ve been left behind during the state’s economic recovery.

The Las Vegas Democrat says his own party will present an alternative “Nevada Blueprint” when the 2017 Legislature convenes Feb. 6.

  1. First it ISN’T a Private School Voucher. The ESA Education Savings Account is similar to an HSA Health Savings Account for medical choices. A voucher allows kids struggling at all income levels to get education assistance from any source we feel would be best for our kids, Many others are single mothers and parents (who barely don’t qualify for assistance in any from the Government) will benefit most from this. The just over broke families are the ones who are STUCK and this will make a huge difference in the middle class lives. The Dems don’t understand yet but I’ll show them actual situations. The rich can and do pay for their kids without thinking about it… it is the lower to middle class that NEED this extra help just like the Millennium Scholarship.

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