LAS VEGAS (AP) — Officials in Las Vegas are blaming poor air quality and a smoky haze in southern Nevada on wildfires in coastal and mountain areas of California.

A Clark County Department of Air Quality advisory issued Wednesday cites smoke and ozone from fires burning hundreds of miles to the northwest.

The advisory remains in effect through Thursday for people with respiratory problems, cardiac disease, young children and senior citizens.

Clark County spokeswoman Stacey Welling pointed to three fires:

— One covers nearly 135 square miles of land in rugged wilderness north of Big Sur.

— Another has burned nearly 37 square miles of grass and dry brush in the Santa Ynez Mountains near Santa Barbara.

— A third covers more than 30 square miles in Sequoia National Forest northwest of Lake Isabella.

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  1. Robert Stewart says:

    no body goes outside but to get transportation to go to another inside location anyway

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