The mainstream media is making no bones about the fact that it is pulling out all of the stops to wrestle the presidential election from Donald Trump.

When Donald Trump and his vice-presidential pick Mike Pence appeared on 60 minutes, Leslie Stahl acknowledged Trump’s successful primary bid.  Then she asked him if he really wanted to assume the office and do the work that would be required of him as president.  Would she be asking Hillary Clinton that same question at the outset of the Democrat National Convention?

The Tampa Bay Times in an editorial wrote: “Listen to whether the speakers echo themes Trump has used to offend Hispanics, blacks, women and virtually everyone else except older white men.  Will Trump’s call to ‘Make America Great Again’ be used to pit conservative white voters against minorities and immigrants…?”

The left has used every turn of this campaign to misalign the Trump campaign.  When was the last time that Trump said anything offense about black people?  When was the last time he said anything offense about Hispanics?  He certainly did criticize the Mexican immigrants who have come to this country and who have committed crimes of rape, murder, burglary and drug dealing.  But that is not criticizing “all Hispanics.”

He has criticized certain women (Rosie O’Donnell comes to mind) but he certainly has not criticized all women.  Notice the Trump rallies during the primary campaign and see if you recognize the fact that roughly half of the participants are women.

Trump has certainly criticized unvetted immigrants who are being brought to this country from Syria and other Muslim nations and who do not possess proper identification papers.  That is not a criticism of “all immigrants.”  All of the polls show the majority of Americans want all immigrants to be properly vetted before they are admitted to the United States.

When the Tampa Bay Times talks about Trump pitting “conservative white voters against minorities and immigrants,” they seek to play the race card hoping that they can further divide the American people.

When Latino Democrat operatives refer to Trump dividing America into a “them vs. us” mentality, they automatically put themselves into the “them” category.  How so?

There is a “them vs. us” mentality in this campaign and in American politics in general.  But what the liberals and Democrats have mistakenly misunderstood is that when Trump talks about “us,” the “us” is all of us as Americans.  White or black, brown or yellow, old or young, gay or straight, Democrat or Republican, he talks about all Americans who he wants to defend from “them.”  And, yes, there is a “them” out there.  “They” refers to all of those who want to kill Americans and destroy our way of life.  “They” have declared war on Americans and our way of life.  If these liberals and Democrats want to align themselves with “them” rather than “us,” it is their choice.  It is Trump’s desire to protect all Americans – all of “us” – against all of “them,” those who would kill us and our children.  His pledge is to protect every American and that includes Democrats and liberals.  It is unfortunate that the liberals and Democrats seek to divide us and in doing so they put our national security at risk.

Similar charges were made against Ronald Reagan when he ran for the presidency.  Those attempts were made to frighten Americans into voting against Reagan.  Well, he won and proved their rantings were nothing more than smears.  President Reagan represented “all the people.”  More smears will be hurled at Donald Trump.  But more and more people in America are beginning to believe that when all is said and done, a President Trump will also represent “all the people.”


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