By Ken Boehlke

Las Vegas Rat Pack

You may as well just stop here, there’s no better name than this. There just isn’t. It’s amazing. The Rat Pack is distinctly Vegas, there’s no gambling reference, and the possible mascots are spectacular. I know, no one wants to name the team after rats, but come on, who is cooler than the Rat Pack, and how amazing would it be if the team paid homage to one of Las Vegas’ best attractions.

Las Vegas Silver Knights

Bill Foley, the prospective owner, has a strong tie to the name Black Knights. He’s an Army guy, he’s named his financial group with that name, and he even submitted that name to the NHL with his formal expansion application. However, Silver Knights is much better. First of all, it’s unique, that’s key. But more importantly, Nevada is the Silver State, so using that name would have much more of an impact than Black Knights.

Las Vegas Neon

What screams Vegas more than neon lights? Ok fine, they are all LED’s now, but still. Bright lights are Vegas. The ideas for jerseys would be endless and the stadium could be livened up with a ton of color. Plus, plural names are overrated.

Las Vegas Aces

Obviously there’s a connection to aces with playing cards. Blackjack, poker, pai gow, you name it, Aces are great. But there’s also a neat connection to Nellis Air Force Base that could be worked in. Fighter pilots are aces, and the logo, mascot, and team name could all incorporate that. Slap an ace of hearts on a plane, and you’ve got a sweet team name.

Las Vegas Headliners

The main reason I like this name is for the nickname, The Liners. It’s a cool name in it of itself, but that part of it makes it even better. It’s a little out there, and much different from any other team name in professional sports, but when has Vegas ever been afraid to be different?


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