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Today hockey in Las Vegas took another step in the right direction as the potential owners of a new Vegas-based franchise launched a ticket drive to gauge interest from potential season ticket holders. Fans were able to log on to and put an initial deposit on tickets should the NHL award Las Vegas a team. The NHL would need to see at least 10,000 commitments in order to consider awarding Las Vegas a franchise.

Should that happen and a team occupies the arena currently being built just off of Vegas’ famed strip, a name that embodies a town as unique as this one will be the next order of business. 

Here are some possibilities should the NHL award Las Vegas a franchise. 

1. The Sharp Shooters 

This one will satisfy all parties. Anyone with an above average shot in hockey is known as a “sharp shooter” while Vegas natives and tourists who know their way around a craps table are certainly familiar with the term as well.

2. The Sinners 

The penalty box is already known as the sin bin, so why not name a team in sin city “The Sinners?” The marketing campaign would fall right in line with Las Vegas’ “What happens in Vegas” slogan too. And just picture the possible t-shirts – “I’m a Sinner,” or “Sinners for life” – the potential is endless.

168046262 5 Possible Names For NHL Team In Las Vegas

(Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

3. The Blackjacks 

The proposed name at the present time is the Black Knights, which doesn’t really seem to be very Vegas at all. Just changing the second word would go a long way. 

4. The Rollers 

Whether you’re rolling the dice, simply on a roll at the casino, or you’re watching the rollers a few hundred yards down the Vegas strip this name is sure to please.

5. The Rattlers 

This wouldn’t be a list about sports teams without at least one animal-related title. Rattlesnakes strike fear into the hearts of anyone unlucky enough to hear them shake their tail and that’s what this team name would do for Vegas’ potential hockey team.

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