(Las Vegas/KXNT) –  Drivers caught using their cell phone are being given a chance to right their wrong. A new pilot program by Nevada Highway Patrol Southern Command is giving these offenders a chance to get their citation dismissed through their “It Can Wait For 28 Challenge.”

If pulled over for using their cell phone, NHP troopers will ask drivers if they would like to participate.  The driver can sign up for the program on the ItCanWait28 website. From there, participants will be asked to complete a daily activity over 28 days.  Activities can range from posting on social media sites, like sharing videos from the Zero Fatalities Nevada YouTube channel.  Other activities include completing required reading or writing about personal driving situations.

NHP Captain Ann Carpenter was the mastermind behind the new program and based it off the popular belief that it takes 28 days to break a bad habit.

“Our goal is not to further punish these drivers, but rather to engage them in activities that may help them adopt better driving practices and break the dependency they have on these hand-held devices while they drive,” explained Capt. Carpenter.

If a participant correctly completes all of the activities, the citation will be dismissed.  However, if a participant does not complete program, the citation will be processed and fines will be applied.

“Participants will be required to register on the website within 24 hours of receiving their citation and will also be required to complete the first activity within 24 hours,” added Carpenter.

The It Can Wait For 28 Challenge begins on Monday, June 30.



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