(LAS VEGAS, KXNT)–An attorney suing the state health exchange over botched enrollments has documents from a whistle-blower which he says detail serious problems behind the exchange’s operation.

Las Vegas lawyer Matthew Callister says documents sent him annonymously appear to show that the Silver State Exchange’s contractor Xerox knew more than a year ago that it was not able to perform to the standards of operating the system for Nevada. He says correspondence and emails also indicate that the exchange and Xerox at one point secretly considered flushing the system of troubled enrollments and beginning over again.

“There is clear language to suggest that in November and no later than December there was a decision made to simply throw them away and try to start over”, said Callister in an interview with KXNT. He estimates there were 6,000-7,000 enrollees who could have been affected.

“That’s just outrageous because that information was never made known to the folks who had paid their premiums and were told they had coverage”

Callister represents about 60 plaintiffs in a class action suit he has filed against the exchange over botched enrollments involving patients he says applied for health care coverage, told they had coverage, paid their premiums, but did not have and still do not have coverage.

Callister issued a public appeal for the anonymous whistle-blower to come forward. Otherwise the documents cannot be authenticated and become evidence his Callister’s class action. Callister says the documents ring true and that he believes the whistle-blower is a health exchange employee who is fairly high up.

“This person needs to know they’re protected by whistle blower laws. Both state and federal law provide enormous protections to those who come forward and speak out in the interest of the public good.”





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