(LAS VEGAS, KXNT)–Nevada’s Department of Motor Vehicles Monday debuts a system that addresses the dreaded long wait in line at a DMV office: “Dash Pass”, a system that allows drivers to get a place in line by going online ahead of time.

“You now have the option from your smartphone, or your computer, or from a regular phone line, to get in what we call a ‘virtual queue’. That means you’re now in line”, says David Fierro of DMV.

“The system can communicate you with and let you know how many people are ahead of you. Lets say you were told you had 90 minutes, and you’re out doing something and say ‘man, I’m not gonna make it back’, you can actually communicate with the system, and it will move you back in the line”, said Fierro in an inteview with KXNT.

Although the Dash Pass system begins only in Reno Monday, its expected to be used in southern Nevada, with its bigger and much busier offices, within the next 90 days. IUf the system works well in the north, it can trigger here sooner than those 90 days.

“Its really amazing, we think its a game changer”, says Fierro. “One of the most frustrating things that people tell us about DMV is when they have to wait in line. And they tell us. Believe me, they tell us.”




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