(LAS VEGAS, KXNT)–The Bureau of Land Management says both of its rangers involved in an altercation with a man in Red Rock Canyon last week discharged their weapons. The gunfire left 20 yar old D’Andre Berghardt dead.

A Nevada Highway Patrol trooper was also present, but NHP says the trooper did fire not a weapon.

A BLM statement says several citizens including bicyclists along Route 159 reported they were concerned for their safety as they noticed Berghardt walking in and out of on-coming traffic.

BLM says two of its officers were dispatched, made contact with Berghardt, and tried to speak with him and ordered him out of the roadway.

BLM says Berghardt resisted the officers. They attempted to Taser him, use pepper spray and a baton but during that time, the suspect tried to get into two occupied, private vehicles.

The BLM statement says that after the NHP trooper arrived, Berghardt threatened to shoot the officers and eventually ran to the NHP cruiser and reached for the trooper’s rifle in a safety rack.

That is when the BLM agents fired. Berghardt was pronounced dead at the scene later.


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