SALT LAKE CITY (CBS Las Vegas) – Families who used the services of a Utah fertility clinic are fearful that a rogue employee may have substituted his own sperm for the preferred donor’s.

Reproductive Medical Technologies Inc. (RMTI) was in operation from 1988 to 1993.

One family that used the clinic at that time was shocked when an at-home DNA test revealed the now 21-year-old daughter was not related to the father.

“I felt my stomach just drop when I called my daughter and my husband’s DNA up next to one another they didn’t share any DNA at all, and I just thought to myself, ‘Oh my God,'” the mother, who wanted to remain anonymous, told CBS affiliate KUTV-TV.

At first, they thought it was an accidental mix-up at the lab.

But after some sleuthing, they tracked down the mother of one RMTI employee Thomas Lippert.

When she submitted her DNA, the family found a match for the father of their girl.

Lippert died in 1999.

After seeing a picture, the woman remembered seeing Lippert at the clinic when she went for fertility treatments in 1991.

“He seemed friendly and was very proud of all those pictures almost seemed like a brag board up there, those where the children that he had helped people have,” she said.

And the story gets more sinister.

The family discovered Lippert was convicted of kidnapping a Minnesota woman in 1974 and trying to make her fall in love with him.

The University of Utah will offer free paternity testing to anyone who used RMTI, which operated on its campus


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