(Las Vegas, KXNT)-Benjamin Frazier, the man accused of killing Kenneth Brown and wounding two others during a shooting at Drai’s after hours club in Bally’s Casino last October, will go to trial next year.

The trial will be held on January 12, 2015.  Defense attorney Bob Beckett asked the judge for extra time to prepare for the capital punishment case.  Prosecutors said they had no problems with waiting a year before taking this case to trial.

Benjamin Frazier was in the courtroom.  Once again, he sat with his eyes closed and head down.  His right elbow had a noticeable bruise and bandage.  Beckett says his client has been falling in jail as a result of the head injury he sustained the night of the shooting.

“He’s being treated by doctors in the Clark County Detention Center and he is continuing his medication, the same type of medication he was on at the time of the shooting that was prescribed by other doctors…that was for depression, anxiety and also high blood pressure,” stated Beckett.

Beckett maintains his client does not remember what happened the night of the shooting.  He also says psychological evaluations have been completed on Frazier, but would not disclose the results of those tests.

Frazier’s parents were also in attendance.  His mother was holding a piece of paper with Scripture on it.  Both declined to comment.


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