(Las Vegas, NV)  —  A new report says Nevada’s children have higher rates of depression than some other states, and are less likely to seek services.

UNLV’s Lincy Institute says Silver State children have higher rates of depression at 14 percent compared to peer states such as Arizona and Colorado at 10 percent and Florida at 11 percent.

Among their other findings:

  • A 2007 study from the Data Resource Center for Child and Adolescent Health found 54 percent of Arizona children with emotional, behavioral or developmental conditions reported received counseling. In Nevada, 29 percent of children received similar services.
  • State funding for Nevada’s mental health budget was cut by 17 percent from 2009-2011.
  • 30 percent of Clark County public high school students have reported symptoms of depression.

The authors say Nevada children and their families, “experience difficulty” in finding health resources, an the system is “difficult to navigate.

Researchers emphasize the need for more early intervention and prevention programs in schools and community agencies and a stronger investment in behavioral health workforce.


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