(LAS VEGAS, KXNT)–After a shooting at a Lynnwood Avenue apartment building left one man dead, another wounded, a suspect in custody and a search for more suspects,  the Shield of Hope returned to the scene of the crime.

The organization is comprised of police representatives, members of the faith community, and neighborhood groups.

On a recent Friday night, Shield of Hope held a community gathering on Van Patten Avenue, not far from the Lynwood shooting.

Metro Sergeant Redell Moore told KXNT in an interview there is often a retaliation for a gang- or drug-related shooting within 48-72 hours. It is during that time that Shield members try to organize a gathering to show a presence in the community at a time of tension and fear, and allow the community to show a sign of strength. Its an attempt to empower neighbors and stop the cycle of violence.

While Shield of Hope is not present to investigate the crime, they often learn valuable information indirectly. “Whatever information they have, they might not give it to me, but they might give it to one of the pastors, or they might give it to the Salvation Army”, says Moore. “It helps because it also helps the police solve a lot of these crimes.”



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