(Las Vegas, NV) The maintenance crews at the Clark County School District are working to make sure kids returning to school are comfortable and cool.

Over 300,000 students are expected to start school Monday and air conditioning will be a key to keeping kids focused and on the right path to learning.

“We will get the units cranked up either Friday or Saturday. We get them going early so we can monitor them and make sure we don’t have any ‘showstoppers’. If we have any problems we can address them then rather than waiting for the first day of school,” says Jimmy Brimmer, Interim Maintenance Director at CCSD.

The district has two different types of units to keep the schools cool. The first is the CHILLER unit, which is a larger, more efficient model than the traditional air conditioning units. 70-75 percent of the schools across the district have the CHILLER units on campus.

The crews are examining the over 6,000 air conditioning units across the district prior to school starting on Monday.


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