Las Vegas CBS KXNT – Each year during the hottest part of the summer, Las Vegas becomes a tech hub. Black Hat Security conference is having its sixteeth meeting here, and the Def Con Hacker conference has been held here for more than two decades, nearly always on a weekend that straddles July and August.

At Caesar’s Palace this week, 7,000 security researchers are attending Black Hat, demonstrating the latest cyberthreats to every device from the smart phone to the electrical grid.

This weekend, the action will move to the Rio, where the Def Con Hacker conference has drawn up to 10,000 attendees in recent years.

Researchers at Black Hat are highlighting the so-called “smart home”as an emerging target for cybercrime. On Thursday several of them will unveil their techniques for hijacking the smart TV from a remote location.

The cybercriminal would be able to track your internet traffic, or even observe you by activating the webcam and microphone in the TV.

The electronics industry estimates 70 million Smart TVs were sold last year, and another 80 million will be sold this year. The manufacturers are aware of the security vulnerabilities and are working on software patches, and fixes for future models.

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