(LAS VEGAS, KXNT)–A preliminary report from the National Transportation Safety Board says there were ‘no abnormalities’ found in an inspection of the harness and winch equipment used in the ill-fated rescue attempt that took the life of Metro Officer David Vanbuskirk on July 22nd.

Vanbuskirk slipped from a hoist attached to a helicopter during the rescue of a standed hiker near Mary Jane Falls in the middle of the night.

Vanbuskirk, 36, was buried this week after a funeral and memorial that drew thousands of mourners and much of the local police community.

The NTSB’s Patrick Jones told KXNT in an interview “This particular operation had a hoist with a hook, and with the use of what are called caribiners, they attach either the party being rescued or the rescuer attaches to that hook, and its hoisted accordingly.”

Jones emphasized this is a preliminary report and the investigation into the accident continues.


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