Las Vegas CBS KXNT – A Saudi air force officer charged with raping a minor boy in a Las Vegas hotel room has been denied a request for lower bail in District Court on Monday. Mazen Alotaibi’s attorney said his bail will be posted by the Saudi Government, and argued that it would be a gesture of diplomatic good will to lower bail that’s 25 times the standard amount for the crimes Alotaibi is charged with.

Prosecutor Mary Kay Holthus countered that the criminal proceedings have nothing to do with the Saudi government, but only with the defendant.

“He came into our town, into our hotel — Circus Circus is advertised for children and families, and he … took a 13-year-old boy into the bathroom and had sex with him.”

Defense attorney Don Chairez said the accuser has exaggurated the crime, and that the boy knocked on the door of the hotel room because he smelled marijuana, entering voluntarily because he wanted some.

Chairez also asked judge Stefany Miley to admit long-distance testimony from four material witnesses who were in the room, but whom the Saudi government will not allow to return and testify. The four can confirm that the boy was not coerced or forced into the hotel room, Chairez said.

Miley said such testimony would be admissible only if it is both material and reliable. She was not persuaded on the second point.

The four could not be relied upon to tell the truth, Miley said, nor would she rely on the Saudi government to enforce contempt or perjury charges coming from her court.

The judge denied both requests, leaving the bail at $1.7 million dollars.


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