(Las Vegas, NV)  Democrats and Republicans alike seem to agree that the issue of immigration reform has its best chance in decades of passing the Senate and House and becoming law.

But here in Nevada, state leaders are calling for Congressman Joe Heck to put party politics aside and become part of the solution rather than the problem.

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program stops the deportation of  young immigrants who are in school or served in the military. But an amendment was passed much to the chagrin of Nevada State Senator Rubin Kihuen

“This program focuses on immigration enforcement away from young people who came to this country through no fault of their own. Unfortunately for Nevada, Congressman Joe Heck voted with Republicans to kill funding for this program,” says Kihuen.

While many House conservatives agree immigration reform is a critical priority for Congress, they differ with President Barack Obama and members of their own party who believe allowing citizenship to those in the country illegally is part of the solution.

They vow that they won’t support any bill that adds to the deficit and they want to see a tougher approach to border security.

“We need an immigration policy that is smart, tough and fair. That is what the bipartisan immigration compromise creates.  But if we are going to strengthen our borders and provide a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, we need Republicans like Joe Heck to stop pandering to the anti-immigrant forces in his own party,” says Kihuen

Majority Leader Harry Reid wants a final Senate vote before July 4.

Below is a statement from Congressman Joe Heck’s office.

As the proud grandson of immigrants, Congressman Heck welcomes this important debate on immigration reform. Congressman Heck believes our nation’s immigration system is broken and needs real solutions.  He supports some of the proposed reforms to address key issues, and has stated repeatedly that he is open to considering legislative proposals to help create a responsible and accountable system. Thus far, no legislation dealing with immigration has made its way to the House floor. Congressman Heck will consider legislation brought before the House for a vote.

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