LAS VEGAS (CBS Las Vegas) — Six people claim they were kicked off a flight to Las Vegas because they were speaking Russian.

KGTV reports the incident took place onboard a Spirit Airline flight as the six people were heading to an anniversary party.

“It was humiliating to be treated that way,” Sana Bitman told KGTV.

Sana and Dmitry Bitman say an airline employee removed them and four friends after they heard them talking in Russian. The Bitmans claim that a Spirit employee told them that “the stewardesses were intimidated by us speaking a different language.”

“He just said, ‘This row needs to get up and leave now,'” Sana Bitman said.

KGTV reports that the employee warned the Bitmans and their friends over the loudspeaker for talking too loudly, but they say they never heard such a warning.

The group is now looking to take legal action against the airline.

“They were kicked off the plane for speaking Russian,” attorney Daniel Petrov told KGTV. “It’s that simple. It’s illegal.”

The station reports that the Bitmans did receive a refund from the airline but did miss the anniversary party they were trying to attend.

Spirit Airlines did not comment on the story.

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