Las Vegas CBS KXNT- It’s a public safety issue, says State Senator Mo Denis, who is promoting a bill that would allow illegal residents to get a DMV-issued driver privilege card as an alternative to a driver’s license.

The bill is modeled after a Utah law that Denis says has been so successful, it’s original legislative opponent traveled to Nevada to testify in favor of it.

“Their roads are safer, insurance has been sold, people bought cars, it’s helped their economy,” Denis said. “Insurance rates have dropped for all Utahans, and we expect the same thing to happen in Nevada.”

“We’ve been able to build upon what they did,” Denis told KXNT, adding that the bill’s been tweaked to fix whatever the Utah officials thought would be problematic, and to address any concerns Governor Brian Sandoval had. Sandoval has signaled that he’s on board, and will sign the bill if it passes the assembly, Denis said.

Denis is adamant that the bill is not about immigration.

“This is about something that’s already happening,” he said. “People are driving. So why don’t we make sure that they take the test and know the laws? Why don’t we make sure that they pay their fees?”

Privilege card fees are projected to bring in several million dollars for Nevada’s highway fund, Denis said.


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