Rabid Bats Found in Clark County

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Las Vegas CBS KXNT- Two bats have tested positive for rabies in Clark County this year. The Southern Nevada Health District is warning that any human contact with bats should be followed up with a medical assessment.

“The unfortunate thing about rabies is that by the time symptoms start, it’s too late to be treated,” said epidemiologist Casi Hickox of SNHD. “Rabies is almost always fatal.”

Rabies is a virus that is transmitted through the saliva of infected animals, andattacks the nervous system. All mammals are suseptible to rabies. There are medications that can prevent rabies if they are administered before symptoms have occurred.

“We really recommend that if any bite with an animal occurs, or any exposure to a bat occurs, you immediately contact animal control for that assessment.

Nobody should touch even a dead bat, Hickox told KXNT. She recommends reporting the discovery to animal control.

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