LAS VEGAS (AP/KXNT) —O.J. Simpson was on the stand for about 5 hours, but only 30 minutes of that was under cross examination. Simpson took the stand at around 9 in the morning, and talked about a number of topics. During his short cross examination he said he never intended on stealing any memorabilia, only taking what belonged to him.

Simpson said he never was made aware of a plea bargain that was offered in his case. he says his lead attorney Yale Galanter kept him out of the loop on key issues, including the prepping of witnesses and investigative work  before the trial. And he says he was never aware that prosecutors had filed an allegation of conflict of interest pertaining to Galanter. 

He spent more than four hours Wednesday on the witness stand, including a cross examination by a state attorney that was surprisingly brief and non-confrontational.

Simpson has been imprisoned since the 2008 case, but his appeals attorney says Simpson received an incompetent legal defense. Galanter is expected to testify Thursday.

In recounting the incident in a Palace Station hotel room that led to his arrest, Simpson said that to this day, he does not know if guns were involved in a confrontation to retrieve personal items  that he learned were for sale by a memorabilia dealer. Simpson repeated today that he never saw any weapons in the incident.


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