Las Vegas CBS KXNT – The union representing Nevada’s teachers is not impressed with a proposal floated by Nevada’s former state superintendent of education that would pay $200,00 dollars a year to a top tier of highly-skilled teachers.

It’s an attention grabber, but not a serious solution, said Gary Peck, executive director of the Nevada State Education Associaton. There plenty of places where extra education money should be spent, but this isn’t one of them, he told KXNT in a phone interview.

“Picking out a small cadre — and I mean a miniscule cadre of teachers, and paying them $200,000 a year is a really bad idea,” he said.

Peck says there’s no fair way to choose who should be in the top tier, and there’s no assurance that teachers in the arts and physical education would be considered equally with others who teach harder subjects.

The association endorses school-based pay-for-performance programs. The union has bargained for bonuses that reward everyone in a school that meets performance goals.

Former State Superintendent James Guthrie wrote the proposal for a “master teacher” designation that would pay well and draw some of the nation’s best teachers to Nevada. Guthrie stepped down recently, after differences with Governor Brian Sandoval, who appointed him.

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