(Las Vegas, NV) — More than 100 cab drivers have been on strike for the last two months as part of a contract dispute between their union and Yellow Checker Star Transportation.

But as of Thursday morning the drivers are back to work in Las Vegas after several sticking points were ironed out.

The biggest issue was length of shifts and number of days worked. YCS wanted drivers to work 12-hour shifts and as many as six days a week. The drivers wanted to be able to work 12-hour shifts, but only four days a week. In the end, the decision reverted back to the original contract and drivers will have the opportunity to work fewer days at 12-hours a day.

The drivers will also receive a larger percentage of the meter and receive larger annual bonuses.

In the old contract there was a “responsibility clause” that charged drivers if they were found at-fault in an accident. The amounts were as high as $1,500.

That clause has been taken out and now drivers cannot be charged in the event of an accident.

Drivers have until Monday to return to work.


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