Las Vegas CBS KXNT- Is it a vacation rental or a party house? Depends on whether you live next door.

Some property owners are pushing Clark County for a set of regulations that would make it legal to rent to vacationers.

County Zoning Commissioners gave them permission on Wednesday to write it, but there are no promises it will pass. Most of the members are luke warm about the idea. They’ve heard too many complaints from residents who say they’re tired of living next to a weekend party houses. A few of the commissioners have had the experience themselves.

Attorney Jay Brown represents the property owners, and says they’d be willing to register their properties.

“If someone is registered, there will be a fee to the county, the county will know where the short-term rental is going to be, so they can monitor it,” Brown told KXNT after the zoning hearing. “If there’s a problem at that address, at the very least they’re going to be fined. If it happens a second time, they lose their license.”

The proposed ordinance will be presented at a future date. Proponents say they’ll borrow from the ordinances in jurisdcitions where short-Term rentals are legal, including Henderson and in the City of Las Vegas. In the county, it’s illegal to rent a house for less than 30 days.


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