(Las Vegas, NV) — State and local leaders from all over Southern Nevada have teamed up to raise awareness of flashing yellow arrow traffic signals.

The Nevada Dept. of Transportation is about halfway through the installation of 553 flashing yellow traffic signals. According to NDOT, flashing yellow arrow signals improve driver safety, reduce accidents and ease congestion by creating opportunities for safer left turns.

Tracy Larkin-Thomason is with NDOT and explains the cost of the project.

“The average cost of a flashing yellow arrow turn signal is about $26,000. NDOT has funded the majority of them and then local governments do the oncoming maintenance and oversight of them,’ says Larkin-Thomason.

When approaching a flashing yellow arrow signal, drivers may turn left but must yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians.

And there is good news with the units that are already being utilized.

“The preliminary analysis of the activated signals in southern Nevada have shown some intersections have a seen a reduction in crashes by 20 percent,” says Larkin-Thomason.

A map of the flashing yellow arrows can be seen here FYAExisting


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