(LAS VEGAS, KXNT)–Michael Boldon, a man who came to Las Vegas only recently from Detroit, was memorialized by friends, family and even strangers at Holy Trinity Church in North Las Vegas.

The 62 year old was killed suddenly when his cab was rammed by a careening car involved in a Strip shootout. The cab exploded into a fireball on impact, killing Bolden and a passenger, a visitor from Seattle in town for a convention.

Among those speaking at the serve was Boldon’s son Michael, who said his father “was a person you could always laugh with. If you wre in a room, you knew he was there because of his laughter. And I think I got a little bit of that.”

Boldon’s ex-wife told the service that when she and Boldon parted ways, they promised always to be civil to one another and never say anything mean or hurtful to anyone in the family. A minister told the gathering that Boldon was someone with a compassion for others. He was described as a people person. “Oh, how the world needs more people persons”, said the clergyman.

Before the memorial serivce, Greg Bambic of the Professional Drivers Association, a group that aids cab drivers and their families who have been affected by injury or death, announced that the group would be donating $5,000 to the Boldon family in the coming days to offset expenses beset them by the tragedy. Bambic told KXNT the group has helped the families of about fifteen cabbies since its formation, including a taxi driver murdered in a robbery just a year ago.

On Tuesday, local cab companies announced they were offering a $35,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of Ammar Harris, the man police say fired on a Maserati last Thursday morning, killing the driver, who then slammed the sports car into Boldon’s taxi.


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