Las Vegas CBS KXNT- The World Series of Poker is announcing a record 62 events for its 2013 tournaments in Las Vegas.

“Things like 7 Card Stud, Texas Hold ’em, and Horse,” spokesman Seth Polansky told KXNT on Friday. “We try to find a champion in each discipline.”

Champions win money and a gold bracelet. The players track their success by the number of gold bracelets they have, Polansky said.

The WSOP has grown, as the game of poker has grown in popularity with internet exposure. Last year’s WSOP had 75,000 entrants from 101 countries. Players around the world are learning online, where you can get very good, very quickly if you put in the time, Polanksi Said.

It’s come a long way from the first World Series of Poker — a six-person game cooked up as a promotional event at Binion’s, a downtown Las vegas casino that gained notoriety over several decades as the home of the WSOP.

“It was a winner-take-all event that cost $10,000 dollars to enter, so the winner ended up with $50,000,” Polanksy said. A lot of money in 1970, but a pittance compared to the awards the tournament now pays. Last year’s champions pulled in combined winnings of $222 million.

Caesar’s Entertainment took over the WSOP in 2004. The 2013 games start on May 29 and run through mid-July.


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