(Las Vegas, NV) — Exhausted. That may be the word to describe LVH bookmaker Jay Kornegay.
The Super Bowl is the biggest day in sports on many levels and of course that includes gambling.

Proposition bets are those that do not directly affect the game’s final outcome. Kornegay has prepared for the Super Bowl for weeks and has diligently working on the type of bets that attract the novice gambler.

The LVH has over 340 proposition bets available ranging from which player scores first to the coin toss.

Jay Kornegay is the sportsbook director at the LVH and had an interesting way to describe the big day.
“Super Bowl Sunday is like a regular Sunday on steroids”

Kornegay has seen his share of crazy prop. bets, but last year may have been the mother of them all.
“We had one guy who bet $20k on the coin toss. I know he won and I believe it was heads.”

Prop. bets have become increasingly popular in recent years and now make up almost 40 percent of the amount bet on the Super Bowl.

49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who played at the University of Nevada has become the most popular character of the Super Bowl. That is mirrored by the fact that “Kap” is available on more than 20 different prop. bets.


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