Las Vegas CBS KXNT- Mark this Friday on your calendar if you’re trying to figure out how to pay next year’s college tuition. February 1 is the “priority deadline” for financial aid consideration at UNLV.

It’s not a drop dead date, says university spokesperson Afsha Bawany. But if you hope to get a student loan, a grant or a scholarship, UNLV says you should try to get the application in by Friday because there’s lots of competition for the money, and at some point it does run out.

“Seventy percent of UNLV students are receiving financial aid assistance,” Bawany told KXNT on Tuesday. “The early bird gets the financial aid worm.”

The help comes in many forms, with different criteria to qualify.

“Grants, loans, work-study, veterans benefits, and scholarships,” Bawany said. “There are federal programs that are need-based. If you apply for those programs, you’ll certainly get those, like Pell grants,” she said.

“But there are some institutional (scholarships) based on academic standing that are only given out to those who apply early.”

There’s a scholarship database and more information about how to apply for financial aid on the UNLV website.


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