(Las Vegas, NV) — Being a police officer is more than just issuing speeding tickets and arrest warrants.

At the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department there are daily enforcement activities that can take the life of an officer any time.

In 1984, the Police Employee Assistance Program was created to help officer deal with issues on and off the job. Tom Harmon is the Director of P.E.A.P. and spoke with KXNT about what the department is designed to do.

“We teach classes to help prepare officers for the downside of police work. There is a lot of grief and sadness as well as shock and denial. You name it. It affects us all in a very deep way.”

On the heels of the Metro officer shooting in Boulder City, Harmon elaborated on what he has seen officers deal with in the past.

“There is a lot that goes into with it that can drag a person down over time. We provide the mental health training in the academy and then over the course of their career, officers can return for refresher courses.”

In September of 1999 Harmon was appointed Director of the P.E.A.P. program where he has facilitated more than ninety critical incident debriefings to date for events such as police officer-involved shootings, suicides, fatal vehicle accidents, and deaths or serious injury to police officers.

You can learn more about P.E.A.P. here.  http://bit.ly/11POoC9


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