CBS LAS VEGAS-With last night’s important election over and President Barack Obama will be getting another term as President of the United States. People are worrying that things will not improve and our Government will keep getting us in debt. Callers react to last night’s election results.

There were two questions on Nevada’s ballot this year. Question 2 would have raised property taxes on home owners in Clark County to pay to fix up schools around the valley. This measure was shot down by the voters of Clark County. Joyce Haldeman is the Associate Superintendent at the Clark County School District and she reacts to the news that the question got shot down.

Small business owners are already being affected by this year election. One caller named David laid off 22 people the day after the election. Also people have been saying that they are hiring more and more people. We hear from small business owner and they tell us how they will run their business during the next 4 years.


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