LOS ANGELES (CBS Las Vegas) – Domestic violence is at a higher rate among gay men and bisexual women compared to straight men and women, according to new research on the topic.

The disparities in the increased rates of domestic violence for gay men and bisexual women remains unclear, though a new study from a UCLA gay think tank has submersed itself in the topic. The study, conducted by researchers at the Williams Institute at UCLA and published in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence, touched on the elevated risks of domestic violence facing gay men and bisexual women compared to their counterparts.

In looking at bisexual women, researchers found that the likelihood of these women getting involved in a domestic violence dispute with a male partner was much higher than the chances of a domestic violence incident with a female partner.

“But, significantly, in 95 percent of intimate partner violence annual incidents reported by bisexual women, the perpetrator was a male intimate partner, indicating that the violence occurred outside a same-sex relationship,” the researchers said in the study.

For gay men, the percentage is even higher, coming in at 97 percent, according to the study.

While the researchers indicate that “binge drinking and a history of psychological distress” can help foreshadow violence from a partner, the study’s authors reiterated that it remains unclear as to why the rates of violence are higher for gay men and bisexual women.

The findings come as Congress considers reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act.


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