By Danny Cox

Jonathan Vilma has learned just how much support he has throughout the NFL ever since he was suspended for the entire 2012 season. The New Orleans Saints linebacker has watched his season taken away from him, then given back, and now he’s still wondering just how many games he may end up missing.

Little did he realize that he would have an NFL legend on his side too.

brett Brett Favre Keeps Name in Headlines; Lends Support to Jonathan Vilma

(Credit, Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Former quarterback Brett Favre has come out and said his piece about the Saints’ bounty scandal, and let it be known that he is on the side of Vilma.

Many players have spoken out in support of the veteran linebacker, and stated how wrong they believe it was to have him miss a whole season. With the suspensions overturned, Vilma’s support is still there as NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is still bound to hand down some sort of punishment, albeit a much shorter one.

Still, players around the league are throwing out their feelings on the whole situation, and that’s exactly what Favre has wanted to do.

“In all honesty, I’m pretty indifferent,” Favre told ESPN, via “But I’d have to say when they were allowed to play, I thought that was the right move, because I don’t see enough evidence. I don’t think ‘some guy said that this went on’ is enough evidence. I don’t know Jonathan all that well. I think he’s a great player. Seems like a great leader. Seems like the guys who have played with him have a lot of respect for him and Scott Fujita. The other guys I really don’t know.

“I felt like that’s the right thing to do. Otherwise, I think it’s just hearsay.”

Even though he’s out of the league, and supposedly out of football for good, Favre doesn’t steer away from what’s going on. Originally, Favre express no feelings about the bounty situation though and simply said, “I really don’t care about the bounty scheme.”

While it may not come to mean anything in the long run that Favre supports Vilma in his fight against the NFL, it does come out to be somewhat of a moral victory for both him and the Saints.

Remember, Favre was one of the supposed targets of the Saints when he was with the Minnesota Vikings and the two teams played in the 2009 NFC Championship Game.

Many said that the Saints were playing dirty that entire game and going after Favre to take him out. When the legendary quarterback went out late in the game with a leg injury, comments were made on the sideline about “bounties,” big hits or take outs,” and “money.”

vilma Brett Favre Keeps Name in Headlines; Lends Support to Jonathan Vilma

Jonathan Vilma of the New Orleans Saints is ferocious whether there is a bounty placed or not, But Brett Farve thinks there's not evidence to keep him off the field in either case. (Credit, Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

That was when Gregg Williams was defensive coordinator of the Saints, and he is someone that many feel are to blame for this entire situation. A recent statement from Williams doesn’t bode well for the Saints and former Saints that are spotlighted in this scandal, but Favre doesn’t think even that is enough to make a case against them.

The bounty scandal originally seemed as if it was going to be one of the most drawn out and horrific events in NFL history. Now, it appears as if it may just fade into obscurity with the hopes that it is never mentioned again.

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