Study: Women Who Read Cosmo More Empowered Sexually

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File photo of Cosmo magazine. (Credit:  David Livingston/Getty Images)

File photo of Cosmo magazine. (Credit: David Livingston/Getty Images)

LAS VEGAS (CBS Las Vegas) – A recent study finds that women who read Cosmopolitan magazine are more sexually empowered and open to premarital sex.

The study – conducted by Drs. Janna L. Kim and L. Monique Ward – surveyed 160 female participants who read sexual relationship articles in the women’s magazine Cosmo and general entertainment magazine Entertainment Weekly.

Researchers found that the college women reading about sex in the women’s magazine were less likely not to consider sex a risky activity.

“[W]omen who were briefly exposed to a women’s magazine were less likely to believe that sexual intercourse is a risky activity and more likely to believe that women should be assertive in prioritizing their sexual desire for their own sake, but not for a male partner’s,” the study said.

The Cosmo articles the female participants read were “How To Make Fast Sex Fab” and “10 Sizzling Secrets Of Women Who Love Sex.”

The study also found that sexual attitudes were significantly associated among different ethnic minority women.

“Women of color more strongly believed that premarital sexual intercourse is risky and were less likely to endorse an assertive female sexual role than were White women,” Kim and Ward said in the study.

Researchers also found that media promoting sexuality can either help or harm women.

The study was published in Psychology of Women Quarterly last month.

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