(Las Vegas, NV) — The Clark County School District has just kicked off its 2012-13 school year, but thoughts are already headed to next year.

Back in May, an arbitrator ruled against the school district which allowed teachers to receive raises in a time where the district was forced to cut millions. CCSD Superintendent Dwight Jones hopes the current negotiations go differently.

“If we’re going to arbitration I hope we don’t drag it out all year again. Let’s get an arbitrator in, let’s make some decisions and let’s get a contract done.

The past four years CCSD has cut nearly $500 million dollars as the economy has taken a tumble, but Jones reiterated to KXNT where the focus will remain.

“We have challenges we have to face, but we are facing those challenges and we are going to make sure that the attention is where it should be and that is on the children.”

If the district is succesful in arbitration nearly 500 teacchers will be back in the classroom.


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