(LAS VEGAS CBS KXNT)  For ten minutes of foolish fun, check out the interactive 50-state map of the U.S. at a site called No Upside. Blogger Renee DiResta says she started wondering what kind of stereotypes people have about the states they don’t live in. So she created a map that includes google search terms describing popular perceptions of each state.

KXNT went to the street in Las Vegas to ask real people the question DiResta asked Google.  Why is Nevada so (fill in the blank)?

Only one of our answers squared with Google.   On a 109-degree day, the-number one response from flesh-and-blood human beings was, “Why is Nevada so Hot?”

After that, perceptions of the Silver State were all over the board.  Why is Nevada so rich? So sinful? So entertaining? So crowded? (Clearly the perception of someone who’s never been outside Las Vegas).

BTW, Google’s top four queries about Nevada on the 50-state map are:  So dry, so hot, so dangerous (interesting…), and so sparsely populated.


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