(LAS VEGAS CBS KXNT) —  The Mitt Romney for President campaign bus rolled into Las Vegas on Monday, with a half-dozen scheduled stops, including a lunchtime Asian outreach effort.

A half dozen members of the local Asian community flagged down the shoppers coming out of the Seafood City market on Maryland Parkway, signing up voters and campaign volunteers.

They got a mixed reception from the mostly Asian shoppers, including some crinkled noses at the name Romney.

“It’s about half-and-half,” said Linda Abad, who has been doing campaign work in the community. “But there will always be people undecided, so it’s up to us to give them the message.”

Several of the volunteers told KXNT they are working for Romney because they’re cultural conservatives, and because they admire his business acumen and believe as president, he would boost the economy.

Demographic figures given to KXNT by the Romney campaign indicate Clark County is comprised of 10 percent Asian or Pacific Islanders, with 15 percent in Congressional District 3, the district now held by Republican Joe Heck.


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