(Las Vegas, NV) — A local company is setting the trend when it comes to helping kids.

Being able to recognize an issue with your child’s health may be the hardest thing for most parents. Brain Balance, a company in Henderson has taken the guess work out, when it comes to certain conditions.

“We take the totality of the results of the individual child and we create a customized program for that child, within the confines of the program that works for all children.”, said Dr Susan DeVito of Brain Balance.

A condition called Functional Disconnection is responsible for a host of behavioral, academic, and social difficulties and is being studied at Brain Balance. DeVito says the program is about changing the brain process. “We change that so the child can live life to their fullest potential and he happy, healthy, independent adults, which is all any parent ever wants.”

Brain Balance studies a range of conditions from autism, ADD, ADHD to dyslexia among others.

You can find out more about Brain Balance at www.brainbalancecenters.com


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