Bankruptcy Trustee makes charge

(Las Vegas, NV) – The doctor at the center of the Las Vegas hepatitis-C outbreak 5 years ago is accused of faking memory loss in his bankruptcy case. The Bankruptcy trustee, William Leonard, says Dipak Desai is “hiding behind a false shield of asserted incompetency” to avoid answering questions about his finances.  The 62-year-old Desai has been found competent to stand trial on criminal charges stemming from the hepatitis C outbreak at his now-closed clinics.  The “faking” issue will go before the bankruptcy judge May 15th.

  1. Judi Klein says:

    I respectfuly suggest that Mr. Desai turn over the keys to his mansion in Red Rock Country Club, the keys to all cars he has purchased no matter whose name they are in and return whence he came. It would be nice if we, the people and our government representatives could recoup all the money he has sent offshore…

    In leiu of the above, hang him by his heels and let all those who were so severly affected by his malpractice and misbehavior have a go at him like a pinata.

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