A system that Superintendent Dwight Jones has been working on since his first day on the job will go public today. The School Performance Framework will focus on student engagement and academic performance. And as Superintendent Jones tells KXNT (full interview at bottom of page), the result should drive students to work hard rather than be discouraged. “The first thing we want this system to be about is learning not punishing.” The district will evaluate and place each school in a five-star to one-star ranking system…with five being the best. Currently there are 37 schools that have obtained five-star ranking. Jones also said that community members will be able to see how the schools are doing through the new system. “We ought to be able clearly and in a transparent way communicate to the community a way for them to gauge how their schools are doing.”

More quotes from Clark County School District Superintendent Dwight Jones regarding the School Performance Framework-

1-We have more youth coming into our schools with more issues than ever before. Whether it’s based on poverty, family make-up or speaking another language.

2-A huge celebration should take place across this city. We have 37 schools that are in the five-star ranking.

3-This will also allow us to focus on the schools that are not making the grade. And again, not in a punishing way but in a supportive way of how do we help these schools get better, faster.

4-The School Performance Framework puts us in such a better position to make the difficult decisions of taking scarce resources and aligning them to our greatest needs.

5-There’s two key things that we need to spend resources on. Number one, we’ve got to do an investment in our teachers. Support to me means training and supporting our teachers in new kinds of ways, because at the end of the day, results will only happen with that teacher in the classroom. Number two, we have to align resources to say how do we get the right kind of tools in the hands of our teachers.


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