Clark County is swearing in a new district attorney the same day an effort gets under way to fill the Las Vegas City Council seat he left. Steve Wolfson will be the new D.A. following his recent appointment by the Clark County Commission. Wolfson is a former county and federal prosecutor who’s been in private practice in Las Vegas since 1987. He’s married to Jackie Glass, the former Clark County District Court judge who sentenced O.J. Simpson to prison. He’ll serve the three remaining years of retired District Attorney David Roger’s term. Roger retired Jan. 3 after nine years as DA. A special election will be held March 20 to replace Wolfson on the City Council. Candidates can file campaign paperwork Tuesday and Wednesday.

  1. Janaika says:

    Love Leary. But, Wolfson is the writers vrseion of Svengali seriously. He has promises out to TONS of struggling writers who he uses to help him with his ideas and writing. Hope he holds up his end of the bargain. REALLY bizarre.

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