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Controversial Artist Depicts Obama Trampling The Constitution

Provo, Utah (CBS Las Vegas) – In front of the White House a man is sitting on a park bench in the throes of depression. He is surrounded by all 43 presidents. In the forefront, purposefully ignoring the depressed man is President Obama, whose right foot is stepping on the Constitution. James Madison is next to Obama, pleading with him to stop.

This tableau is called “The Forgotten Man”, a painting by Jon McNaughton, an artist who is known for his politically-charged work.

The painting, which uses objects such as discarded dollar bills as symbols and scraps of paper with individual constitutional amendments scrawled onto them, has been making the rounds across the Internet.

The painting was initially released in 2010 and has resurfaced, causing a stir when it appeared for a caption contest on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow’s blog.

The responses have ranged from sarcastic — “We’ll trade you this peasant for that constitution. We’ll even throw in the bench.” — to Photoshop works of art.

McNaughton released an accompanying YouTube screen share video for his painting. The video shows McNaughton painting the piece with a soundtrack that emulates a movie trailer.

“For a long time I didn’t know if I wanted to paint this picture, because I worried it might be too controversial,” McNaughton explains in a voice over. “(T)his man (on the park bench) represents every man, woman, and child who is an American… he hopes to find the American dream of happiness and prosperity.

“But now because of unconstitutional acts imposed by the American people by our government we stand on the precipice of disasters,” he added.

McNaughton explained his position behind the painting. “I don’t place all the blame on Obama. On my website I try to explain what each president has done,” he said. “The thing I like about the painting is that it does get people talking.”

The painting has done well since it was released. “It sold thousands,” he told CBS Las Vegas. “I sold many different sizes and editions, and now that we are in an election year I expect to sell more.”

This isn’t the first time McNaughton waded into politically charged waters.

Previously, he released “One Nation Under God,” a painting depicting Jesus holding the Constitution and judging several archetypes such as a liberal journalist, a smug college professor, and another archetype that McNaughton calls “Mr. Hollywood.”

Originally from Arizona, McNaugton currently lives in Utah. He received a full scholarship to Brigham Young University. Initially he studied art, but switched to design later on.

“I hope my work will create conversation and reach people on a deeper level,” he says on his website. “I like to use metaphor and multiple levels of meaning to reach my viewer. If it makes them think and feel, then it is successful.”

He later added to CBSLV: “I’m not trying to create an art style.  I want to communicate my ideas.  Isn’t that the purpose of art?”

  • http://piratearian.wordpress.com/2012/02/03/controversial-artist-depicts-obama-trampling-the-constitution-cbs-las-vegas/ Controversial Artist Depicts Obama Trampling The Constitution « CBS Las Vegas « The Piratearian

    […] Controversial Artist Depicts Obama Trampling The Constitution « CBS Las Vegas. […]

  • chukt

    what no one seems to write about are the radical presidents behind Obama smiling and clapping. Obama is in the front because hes the current POTUS….

    • Sparky Nanook

      Very realistic depiction.

      • Jeanine Ruby

        oh honey….what are we do to with people who make up stuff? You can’t prove this – you people can’t prove anything.

        However, Obama has proven to be a successful leader and Commander in Chief. Our votes go to Obama.

      • Barry Levy


        He promised that with his stimulus package unemployment would not exceed 8% and that hasn’t happened. When you promise something and don’t deliver that is called failure.

        He has failed to uphold immigration laws, yet sue states for doing that work. Where I come from, if you can’t do something that is your job and somebody else bails you out, that is a failure and even worse that he has the government, that is we the people, suing the people.

        But he did promise that with his energy plans the cost of energy would skyrocket and I am reminded that he has proven to keep his word on that every time I get gas from my car, and the thousands of dollars that I have had to shell out because he was successful, is enough reason to remove this man

      • Mark Christopher

        Dear Jeanine,

        Why?? Haven’t you seen enough?? Do you hate your country?? I mean that in a nice way….

        Do you actually believe what you hear on the 5 o’clock news? You seem so misinformed…

      • samson

        Keep drinking that Kool Aid Jeanine…the only thing Obama has been successful at is the destruction of our country, bailouts that didn’t work, high unemployment, highest poverty percentage, more people on food stamps than ever before, solyndra scam, as bad as enron, the list goes on and on and on……

      • fgrey

        Sparky, you are more ignorant and probably as racist as he artist. Yes, this is America and one is entitled to their views and the stupids are the fair de jour for their like-wise massively short attention spanned audiences.

      • Rk Warren

        I don’t find the work objectionable, it is art and one mans opinion, nuanced or not. What continues to amaze me is the denial the conservative public embraces. Their ideology failed time and again and they still continue to read the same book. J.S. Mills once opined the not all conservatives are stupid, but most stupid people are conservative. I find this well expressed in most of the responses following herewith. This note will engender the usual Kool-aid, foolish and insipid comments. After the blatant failure of Mr Bush s presidency and the decent of the GOP into what it has become today, laughably inept but hateful. I no longer wish to discuss issues with the anonymous posters. They are cowards hiding behind a non de plume without backbone, knowledge or sense of history.
        Rik Warren in Atlanta.

      • Duneflower

        Agree with both Kevin Groenhagen and stopthe below, with the addition of the other Roosevelt and the other father/son duo named John Adams, and an emphasis on W – I think he should be right up there with Obama.

      • Kevin Groenhagen

        It could be more realistic, esp. if Woodrow Wilson and FDR had their feet on the Constitution as well.

      • stopthe


        AND Lincoln, with his contempt for states’ rights. And every single president since Howard Taft, including Ronald St. Reagan, who is merely the most saintly of the 20th century villains.

      • BARRY'S CT. SSN 042-68-4425

    • Jeanine Ruby

      Yea, sorry your side’s so bad….too bad your candidates are such jokes.

      But yet you trash the only person in the ring who’s looking out for YOU.

      Obama will win his 2nd term and you all know it – we all know it. So go on and keep bashing Obozo and show us your true colors.

      Unleash! We need a good afternoon laugh!

      • Susan Gate

        Obumbler is not going to win election.. there is only 10 states and the district of columbia that give him above a 50% approval….
        All the other states gus aoproval is around 40% and lower.. look it up by googling gallop obama state approval jan 2012. Obama will lose in a landslide. Nov can’t come here fast enough to get rid of the worst President ever. Unfortunately the damage Obumbler has done will take a long time to repair.

      • RangerDan

        Your statement is way out of date. Look again!

      • Jeanine Ruby is a fool

        Jeanine… somewhere there is a trailer park missing their idiot… please call in to report your just lost without a clue

      • Tim W.

        Give it to ’em , Jeanine!!

      • Elaine

        THE ONLY way he will be in the WH again is the same way he got in the last time: Voter Fraud; and I have no doubt he will try to do it. But that is his only chance to get back in OUR WH.

      • Stephen Johnson

        You realize Obama is still funding ACORN. The only difference this time is ACORN is under a another name.

      • Right Is Wrong

        Voter fraud was of little to no consequence in the 2008 presidential elections, where it might have been much in play when George W Bush was declared president after Republican operative’s jackboot, thug intimidation at the Florida State Office entrusted to recount and inspect hanging chads. I find that Republicans take an isolated incident, e.g. the two Black Panthers (maybe) hanging out in front of one polling place. This is a classic Republican dirty trick tool–always create the illusion that there’s a huge problem and then hammer it home on Fox News over, over and over. Whether it’s the phony War on Christmas scandal, etc. Republicans find a way to distort the truth, dehumanize the opposition and spread their virulent form of propaganda. Currently, Republicans are trying to disenfranchise many legal citizen voters with laws that resemble Jim Crow laws, poll taxes and intimidation. You are the true enemies of democracy and you’re sore losers. Even if there was voter fraud from the boogeyman ACORN, whatever, it doesn’t even begin to compare with the way your side raises billions in secret money from corrupt corporations and criminal donors.

      • Right Is Wrong

        You realize that Republicans receive money from shady casino owners, the Koch Brothers, Big Oil, Big Pharma and Big Religion, right? You realize that Fox News, the propaganda arm of the Republican party, distorts the truth, plants stories and gives talking points to everyone on the conservative side. You realize that Republicans gave us Jack Abrahamoff and other corrupt lobbyists who peddle influence, mainly with Republicans to overturn laws that might help the average American? You know that Newt Gingrich was a lobbyist. You know that Mitt Romney “hides” his money in the Cayman Islands to evade paying taxes, etc. Tell me when you want to stop. I don’t need any lectures from your side about morality, ethics, etc. Your side has shown time and time that you’re NOT the party of Family Values, or any other kind for that matter.

      • Stephen Johnson

        Liberal, “open minded” CBS will no longer allow me to make comments to you. That, or you have block me. Otherwise, I have written you 4 times and nothing is posting.

      • Right Is Wrong

        Your WH? I am a registered voter and I voted for the President. I also got out the vote and walked hundreds of miles canvassing and meeting with voters. We were better organized and had a much better candidate than you. We won, fair and square. I had to sit through 8 years of former President Bush’s trampling of the Constitution and trampling of the Constitution. You can wait your turn or throw your vote away on Newt, Cain, or whoever the flavor of the month is. You blame everybody for your own shortcomings, except yourself. I did well under Bush, and I’m doing even better under Obama. I get up every day and work had. That’s all it takes, Elaine. So instead of thinking up you dim-witted little names for our president, perhaps you should apply yourself to your own career, business or education. You’re the typical Tea Party type–everyone else is to blame, never you for making poor life decisions. That’s all.

      • Elaine

        “OUR” WH…You aren’t the ONLY person who got out and campaigned. You are an extremely arrogant man just like YOUR fearless leader who is destroying OUR Country.

        Just FYI: He didn’t get the votes to be President:
        2008 Republican presidential primaries delegate count
        As of June 10, 2008
        Candidates Actual
        pledged delegates1
        (1,780 of 1,917) Estimated total delegates2
        (2,159 of 2,380;
        1,191 needed to win)
        John McCain 1,378 1,575
        Mike Huckabee 240 278
        Mitt Romney 148 271
        Ron Paul 14 35
        This box: view talk edit
        Color key: 1st place Candidate has
        1 “Primary Season Election Results”. The New York Times. (regularly updated).
        2 “Election Center 2008 – Republican Delegate Scorecard”. CNN. (regularly updated).

        Keep Dreaming….the ONLY way he will get in again is by FRAUD.

      • Right Is Wrong

        I am arrogant, or what Republicans call intelligent and superior. You can quote any statistics you like, but the fact remains that President Obama is the President of the United States. We won. You lost. I served with 100’s of dedicated volunteers and I ran into your type every day. You generally back down when confronted. You equate your hate and bluster with power. Most Americans can see right through it. Your candidates, if they win, will do nothing that benefits the majority of Americans. If you’re a millionaire or a billionaire, they’re your party. If you enjoy being ruled by the Religious Right, vote for them. If you win, I can guarantee you’ll be out come the next election. Republicans always mess up.

    • Dr. B

      Did you mean POS?

      • Lafe

        No, that would be you.

  • Bob

    Compared to the so called “Art” we see here in NY…this is so lame.

    • jim

      It is art, because it speaks volumes without being overly impressed. AND I’ve SEEN ‘art’ in NYC. (Mapletorpe).
      I would take this art over what you got anyday.

      • Jeanine Ruby

        Can you name one thing President Obama has done to violate the constitution – Just one thing….we’re waiting……

        yea. I didn’t think so.

      • jekyllisland

        The Healthcare Bill

        That is two

      • whosebone

        taken over a private auto company.

      • John D

        You got OWNED by Frank Whyte, and he’s on YOUR SIDE. lol Do you realize what a moron that makes you? (Kudos to you, Frank, for having integrity and intelligence, unlike the Jeanine-bot here)

      • demsvoteblindly

        Jeanine Ruby

        He attacked a foreign country WITHOUT congressional approval and never did let them vote on it. Say what you want about Bush, at least he let Congress vote on his war.

        He placed Czars in record numbers to avoid congress.

        He’s administration sold guns illegally to Mexican drug cartels under the operation “Fast and Furious” and has been playing cover up ever since. The reason for Fast and Furious was to build his case to take away the 2nd amendment right to Americans living along the boarder because too many guns were going across the boarder. When the facts didn’t show his case, he tried to flood Mexico with American guns and so far over 300 Mexicans have been killed by these guns and atleast 1 American Boarder Patrolman was murdered by such guns. Maybe you should do some research.

        I could go on and on, but for someone like as dense as you, you could witness the crime taking place and you would still not believe it.

      • David Wamsley

        Let’s see now , so called recess appointments comes to mind; Gun registration in the southern boarder states, Fast and Furious, which is the attempt to undermine our second amendment, resulting in the death of boarder agent Brian Terry and hundreds of Mexicans, the war involvment in Libya with out congressional approvel, Selective enforcement of laws past by a elected congree and signed by a setting president I am sure there are more.

      • joyce

        jeanine, how about the killing of american citizens by drones without due process? think, before you speak.

      • James

        Should we mention mandatory health care reform? Ok fine, I’ll pick another from this exhausting list, since you only asked for one:

        Czars: The moniker for appointees who report to no one but the president has taken on a new and eerie resemblance to the dusty Russian tsars of old. Article 2.2 grants the president leeway to appoint managers, but those managers may not have any regulatory, legislative or law-making powers — such powers are reserved to the legislative branch. Today’s “czars” have the power of cabinet members without having to go through a vetting process or the confirmation process prescribed for cabinet members. Czars are unelected and untouchable political decision-makers — in violation of Article 1.1

      • John

        how about resigning the patriot act

      • Frank Whyte

        @Jeanine, He signed the NDAA authorizing the indefinite detention of American citizens. This is in direct violation of the sixth amendment. He also authorized the assassination of Anwar Al-Awlaki, an American citizen, without due process of law. I would call both those unconstitutional. I voted for him and supported him but it’s important we be honest about the state of affairs in this country. Blind allegiance is not patriotic!

      • ER

        Wow, you people pin the blame for resigning the Patriot Act and singing bills passed by Congress all on Obama (he should have vetoes the NDAA). The rest of your cited examples have not been ruled unconstitutional. There is this thing called the Supreme Court that decides what is and isn’t constitutional, no all of you people. If you read the actual constitution, it is open to lots of interpretation. Take the second amendment. How many Militias are around these days, but the Supreme Court long ago decided that the text of the second amendment meant you could own any gun you want for any reason.

        Not another single example has been ruled unconstitutional, and therefore, your claims are your opinions (based on your years of legal study I am sure). The argument that all of these things Obama has allegedly done (even though many of them passed Congress) that are “unconstitutional” is ridiculous. Until the third branch of government (i.e. the Courts) decides, these things are not unconstitutional under current law.

        But this isn’t really about the facts, is it? It is about your unbridled political agenda.

      • jim

        There is still a Militia around that is in excess of 65 million Americans strong.

        The need for a strong militia is just valid today as it was at the time of the founding of our country,

        Americans can still be secure in the fact America still has a strong militia to keep brain dead people with an old tired failed ideology from destroying the greatest country this planet has ever produced.

        If the third branch of government continues prostituting our constitution, America still has fourth branch of government, the American Militia, to step in and put an end to the destruction of this great nation.

        Saving a great nation, What a beautuiful political agenda.

      • Right Is Wrong

        I am absolutely sick of hearing the whiny complaints of Tea Party, militia types, etc. President Obama we democratically elected as the President of the US. You may not like, it just as I didn’t like it when Bush was elected by the Conservative-leaning Supreme Court, but you didn’t hear me saying we should arrest the former president for treason, overthrow the elected government, raise militias, etc. I think at the core of it, Republicans, Conservatives, Tea Party folks or whatever are the true radicals and are dangerous to democratically-elected governments. If you don’t get your way, you threaten violence and other nastiness. You truly resemble the Nazis and other dictatorially regimes more than anything I’ve ever seen. My first vote ever was cast for President Ronald Reagan, a man who would be judged as “liberal” by the likes of you and your ilk.

      • lafe

        Don’t worry Jeanine, these tools don’t have a clue. The President NEVER said unemployment would be held below 8%.

        The bailout of auto companies is not against the constitution. If it was, Teabaggers in the House would be screaming for the Supremes to do something.

        The Affordable Heath care act is a moderate success, only lessened by stupid republicans efforts to derail it. These are the same cowards who were too scared (re. YELLOW) to allow terrorists to be tried in the US so Guantanimo was forced to remain open.

        I could go on and on about how republicans trashed the economy and left the next administratin to clean up the mess, but why bother? These morons still wouldn’t get it.

    • Bob A

      Not enough homcentric pornography for most New Yorkers.

      • Tod

        Are you kidding Jeanine? Should we start with the indefinite detention of american citizens without due process or going to war without consulting congress. No, you’re right, Obama isn’t trampling the constitution at all, brainwashed ****……

      • Rk Warren

        you being the Bob You being the expert?expert?

    • G volans

      liberal new york snob

    • rjames

      Not enough elephant dung or urine for NY art, either.

  • Gary N

    Very thought provoking art. I like it.

    • Ohio

      First of all. I know the Great Great whatever Grandson of Sitting Bull. He will tell you he is AN AMERICAN INDIAN Not a native American.. Most other American Indians like to be called American Indian rather thennative American. Only the wacko American Indians who want to remove the great names of College or HS with a non Indian name. How many times have you heard of a college changing their sports nick name to something other then Cheif or Indian or Warrior of the like? In Ohio, Miami U on Oxford, Oh, changed their name from Miami Redskins to a safe name. It was after a unheard of until then tribe of Miami Indians , protested the nickname Indian.. They have since gone back in to the blackness of no one knowing where they are today. Other tribes protest , are offered MONEY to go away and they do..

      As for E- Canton. Really we are morons, to call one a name is to be a racist..

    • aubreyfarmer

      commercial integrity; have segregated themselves and have not
      objecting to its restrictions; have built up a state within a
      state; and when opposed have tried to strangle that country to
      death financially, as in the case of Spain and Portugal.
      For over 1700 years the Jews have been bewailing their sad
      fate in that they have been exiled from their homeland, they
      call Palestine. But, Gentlemen, SHOULD THE WORLD TODAY GIVE IT
      If you do not exclude them from these United States, in
      this Constitution in less than 200 years THEY WILL HAVE SWARMED
      LAND, AND CHANGE OUR FORM OF GOVERNMENT [which they have done
      they have changed it from a Republic to a Democracy], for which
      we Americans have shed our blood, given our lives, our
      substance and jeopardized our liberty.
      If you do not exclude them, in less than 200 years OUR
      THEIR HANDS. I warn you, Gentlemen, if you do not exclude the
      Jews for all time, your children will curse you in your graves.
      Jews, Gentlemen, are Asiatics; let them be born where they
      will, or how many generations they are away from Asia, they
      will never be otherwise. THEIR IDEAS DO NOT CONFORM TO AN
      PERMITTED ENTRANCE and should be excluded by this
      Constitution.” (by Benjamin Franklin, who was one of the six
      founding fathers designated to draw up The Declaration of
      Independence. He spoke before the Constitutional Congress in
      May 1787, and asked that Jews be barred from immigrating to
      America. The above are his exact words as quoted from the diary
      of General Charles Pickney of Charleston, S.C.)

      • misterlimbo

        You , my friend, are mentally ill.

      • Elaine

        Yep, you got that right. I’ve seen a couple of the “looney tunes” on here today.
        They seem obsessed. Hmmm, wonder if they know this about the Muslims. Talk about Looney Toons?”

        Muslim Inbreeding: Impacts on Intelligence, Sanity, Health and Society
        Report; Posted on: 2011-04-13 01:21:37 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
        The religion of peace…the closer the blood relative, the more likely was there to be a schizophrenic illness.

        Massive inbreeding within the Muslim culture during the last 1.400 years may have done catastrophic damage to their gene pool. The consequences of intermarriage between first cousins often have serious impact on the offspring’s intelligence, sanity, health and on their surroundings

        The most famous example of inbreeding is in ancient Egypt, where several Pharaonic dynasties collapsed after a couple of hundred years. In order to keep wealth and power within the family, the Pharaohs often married their own sister or half-sister and after a handful of generations the offspring were mentally and physically unfit to rule.


    • Ghostsouls

      Where can I order a prints to display at my home and businesses?

    • Larz Larzen

      Hopefully Obama and his henchman, “Stonewall” Holder, will be in Leavenworth prison before the election.

      • shimauma

        Well said Larz!! I’m looking forward to that faker barry hussien getting perp-walked to the police cruiser and I hope his hits his head on the roof with they shove him in the door

      • Al Mount

        Hope Hell Larz..
        I’m praying for it.

    • HARRY


    • MJS

      Yes, indeed.

      I wonder who the Mormon will vote for?

    • A. Levy

      Let’s see if it provokes enough thought so that people actually think before they vote. In the end, it will be the weak, gullible, and mindless voters, not Obummer, who will destroy this country.

    • Fraya

      It’s not controversial if it’s TRUE!!!

      • HammerDoc

        That’s what MAKES it controversial!

      • Perspective

        That’s exactly my thought. What is so “controversial” about this??? Nothing at all unless you are still a “believer” in the Man Who Will Lower the Seas and Implement Dreams of His Father, through the Word of Jesus, ( latest comment from The One at the Prayer breakfast yesterday, apparently channeling a Jesus I don’t recognize who taught us that it is right to steal from some for your own wishes..do you recall when Jesus taught us to ignore the 10 Commandments, and to treat others the way we would not wish to be treated?)

    • Ghostsouls

      obama and the democrats support the arts…. so what’s the problem….?

    • OldBittyBates

      Obama is the Apostle of hopelessness and poverty. He sure does enjoy his devil’s food cake.

    • kyl

      Whenever the U.S. Postal Service decides to make an official Obama commemorative stamp, THIS WOULD BE PERFECT!

      • michiganruth

        I’d buy it!

      • upaces88

        Why in the world would anyone want to buy an Obama Stamp?

      • Kevin

        Oh, you’ll buy it, alright… But it or pay the mandatory fine….

      • upaces88

        LOL, Except, no one would buy it.

    • deadpammy

      I saw this painting a while back, what 2 years ago? At that point the artist knew, a lot of us knew, why did it take so long for the rest of you?

      Rachel Maddow is a sad woman who wants so desperately to be in the cool crowd. But Sadly she is only a propagandist. Hoping her lies will be noticed by the WH to expand her carrier of idiocy.

      • aubreyfarmer

        Madow has been thoroughly indoctrinated in the Marxist school of thought. She received her education free of charge through the Rhodes Scholarship. Total traitor to our Bill of Rights and Constitution.

      • Dr. 9

        Rachel Maddow? Is he/she/it still around?

    • LJLoyed

      I went to the website to see the painting and it’s unavailable. Since being on Drudge I bet the traffic is astronomical and crashed the server. It’s good to see some people still care. I hope this Drudge posting sells that artist 1000 paintings.

    • joejo

      What’s funny is everybody’s blaming Obama.

      And yet we’re rooting for Romney (who said he would also have signed the NDAA) and Rubio (who voted yes to NDAA and sponsored SOPA.)

      Swapping the president’s (D) for an (R) doesn’t mean much these days.

      There’s one GOP candidate who is against all of this nonsense. You know who he is.

      • linda

        Don Kaag–It does matter if BHO is reelected. He MUST NOT be reelected! He will pass his laws by Execu Order, just like he does now. He will add more Czars who bypass Congressional approval and scrutiny, he will stuff Liberal/nonConstitutional judges into place, he will absolve term limits and be “President for Life” if ever given the chance. And–who can stand another 4 years of listening to all the lies and conspiracies he creates!

      • Luap


      • brassia

        yes, and he sold out to Romney for a chance to speak @ the convention!

      • Smack Dab

        You might have a point there, if only I knew what your alphabet soup meant. This is a little too insider-y for me.

      • oldtexasgal

        Don’t know if this has been verified, but all you Ron Paul fans might be interested in this article by Mark America: “Has Ron Paul Sold His Soul to Mitt Romney?” http://markamerica.com/2012/02/03/ron-paul-sold-his-soul-to-mitt-romney/

      • Big_Mack1

        Joejo said, “There’s one GOP candidate who is against all of this nonsense. You know who he is.”

        Yes, but unfortunately, the LameStream Media drove him out of the race about a month ago.

      • Eric N

        Who’s rooting for Romney? Me and nearly everyone I know is rooting for Ron Paul – the one who is against the nonsense.

      • upaces88

        Joe! I know! Even George Sorros said the same thing! Maybe they just watch the news and think they are getting it. The Media is shoving Romney down our throats.

      • Roger

        We’re not swapping joe, Obama’s going to get re-elected. Not saying I want it, but it’s gonna happen.

      • proudnot2bliberal

        Oh good God not another Rupaul nut! Ru is in agreement with odumbo on man issues!

        Ru blames America for 9-11 & other issues hes jimmy carter thinks we can just let the chips fall where they may. Gee let me ask if you next door neighbor was building a nuke plant in his backyard wouldnt you be a bit concerned? Ru & the paulettes arent! That speaks volumes

      • Don Kaag

        Doesn’t matter if Obama gets reelected so long as Conservatives increase their presence in the House and take the Senate from the Democrats. If that happens in November the Obama Administration will spend the next 4 years trying to stay out of jail and they will get zippo passed in the Legislature. I don’t think much of RINO Romney either, so I am focusing on the elections in the Congress.

      • tim thomerson


      • Ken Bowser

        yea, me. KENEMA. And Obama has been the most blatant. And to think he taught constitutional law.

      • ClapYo Hands

        Sure we do, Joejo. There is only one American candidate who is loyal in everything. Ronnie. Test yourself folks. Can you imagine the subject painting showing Ronnie stamping on our Constitution? See, it doesn’t woik. We know who is stamping on our Constitution, and the artist got that right.

    • RJ O'Guillory

      The U.S. of Hollow

      Junior demons litter the culture,
      sucking up all that’s left.
      The Elder knew how to pick em’
      The Boy claimed no such heft.
      Picked apart and long picked over,
      our bird of Giving Thanks.
      America, finally laid to rest,
      by her own traitorous Yanks.
      Liberty & Freedom,
      need no such plan to follow.
      Bleeding slowly across our land,
      The United States of Hollow.

      RJ O’Guillory /Author/ Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane

      • JeffreyJ

        Awesome poem, my friend. Only an idiot could miss the truth of it. But…take no heart, as we have about a hundred million brainwashed idiots here in the USA, apparently. Spend one night watching TV and you will see where it comes from.

      • RJ O'Guillory

        …well Charlie,…I’m the author,..not gay,…but laughing my ass off at you and your bigoted comment,…well, at least you had a reaction,..sad though you were raised to be an adult bigot,…and sad you were raised to be so stupid as an adult, ….you cannot find meaning in the poem, that’s fine,..but to insult gay folks,..what an ass-clown you must be…


        RJ O’Guillory
        Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane family

      • cwgf

        Great poetry RJ, thanks. And so true. Funny thing about Truth. They can ridicule it, hurl insults at it, try to suppress it, and after all that work, there it stands.

      • charlie

        this might be the gayest thing I ever read…

      • DeputyMarshal

        Not so fast Mr. O’Guillory! I bet charlie has read lots of gay stuff!!

      • ClapYo Hands

        Wowzer. Hope it slaps awake at least some snoozing Americans. Poor junior demons never had a chance to be anything else thanks to the empty, vacant of truth and morals society enabled by their parents and which Americans have watched “progress” like flipping magazine pages and then ignoring. Charlie, zombie like, brings in for comparison his reading experience which confirms the trash opportunities in our glossy society.

      • Lewis

        I like it. Keep on with the truth. The truth is mighty and it shall prevail.

    • mark

      only one problem with the painting. barak obama is the 43rd person to hold the office of president but the 44th president. grover cleveland served as 22nd and 24th, meaning the picture should hold only 43 men

      • ClapYo Hands

        To Calvin Kenney, I agree. Don’t worry, we’re not through with those silver spoon goofs. Wheels of justice grind slow but exceedingly fine, and we want every lump of snot taken out of them. Ol Cheney gets so scared he runs to the hospital with heart probs to get cover and sympathy. Won’t work, fella. Bush doesn’t seem to be chopping down trees on his plantation since he left office, maybe hoping he can hide behind them. Wolfowitz gets booted from jobs and no one wants to be close to him because Americans are angry and will inflict Justice. All of those neocons and zionist anti-Americans are not out of range of American attention. Obummer is just one in the same and thinks his theatrical glares at the zionists will make us think he is not their pal. That’s all for today, folks! Have a good weekend everybody.

      • Mary Beth

        Doesn’t the man on the bench represent the people?

      • 50gary

        The man on the bench according to the artist is “The Forgotten Man” of the Great Depression. The artist has him representing the unemployed man of today, that is not how the phrase was originally coined and used, so this artist mis-named his painting. Actually during the Great Depression the Forgotten man was the man still working and paying all the taxes and bills. Everyone always feels sorrow for the poor down trodden man (as it should be) but the forgotten man was still working Mitt Romney. just mentioned the modern forgotten man, the middle man that still works and still pays his taxes. Mitt R. was misquoted (on purpose by many) when he said, I don’t worry so much about the poor they have the safety net the middle man does not.

      • Jeff Stone

        Barrack is the 44th President, no one is disputing Cleveland’s 2 non-consecutive terms…but Obama is still the 44th President in terms of proper numeration.

      • Jeff Stone

        Counting the actual presidents in the picture, lol, you people have way too much time on your hands.

      • James

        I counted them in seconds. It’s pretty easy. There are only 43 presidents pictured.

      • Wang Chung

        Who cares? Obama thinks there’s 57 states !!!

      • padutch1

        I do not care who runs against Obama. I will vote for that person. PERIOD! 4 more years of Obama will kill this nation.

      • charlie

        check you gramma biatch

      • James G

        You counted them? Really?

      • Max17

        There are only 43 presidents in the picture. You must have counted the bench guy to get to 44.

      • Zut Allure

        That’s because Obama is George Bush 44 lol.. http://youtu.be/u4s5gKlyCnU

      • Calvin Kenney


      • jim

        You people are a bunch of meat heads

      • eugene

        Really Mark? Thats what you find in the painting? Completely ignoring the point of it to try and sound clever?

      • Foghorn Leghorn

        It does.

    • alex c

      Its so rare that Republicans make art.. I’m impressed that he painted at all!

      • David Christensen

        Nearly as rare as a democrat who isn’t impressed by Obama’s farts.

      • Charles Casey Ross

        Art for “special needs” Marxist tools like Alex is a crucifix in a jar of urine or elephant dung on the Virgin Mary. That we Republicans helped pay for. You’re welcome Alex! Now go collect your unemployment check.

      • Steven

        E in Canton pull the pickle out of your ass, it’s clogging up your brains and clouding your judgement :)

      • mark

        yeah, they are generally creating jobs, running businesses, and adding value to the economy. not a whole lot of time for art.

      • lafe

        Yes, right wing Nazis usually only steal art.

    • robert m. simon

      I think that it is very provocativd and accurate.

      • Benjamin

        Indeed art often imitates life. Obama has little respect for our Constitution. In an interview in 2002, he criticized the constitution for it being an instrument that specified what the government could not do to you, but lacked content specifying what the goverment could and should do for you. He is a totalitarianist, that believes the Government should control every segment of socdiety. If he remains in office our freedoms will continues to vanish. He is among the most corrupt presidents our country has ever had.

      • Mark Twain

        IT’S only a work of art. Why the hell is this a controversy, in a free society?

        (shut up and bite tongue)

      • InvertedFartKnocker

        Indeed, Keanu Reeves (on the bench) hasn’t made a good movie in quite some time.

      • WDarwin

        This is a good way to find yourself hurried away to a gulag. Kings and Czars do not tolerate this insolence.

    • Brick Bats

      Obama is likely going to be one of the greatest two term presidents we’ve ever had. He is literally one of the best presidents and followed one of the worst. God bless America and God bless Obama!

      OBAMA 2012 HILLARY 2016

      • Arnold Milligan

        Please Google, if what you find does not scare you then something is wrong:

        -Larry Sinclair press conference
        -Obama gay lover murdered
        -Obama tax fraud
        -Obama humiliated by half brother
        -Obama lied broken campaign promises
        -Obama raised more money from rich bankers than any candidate
        -Obama’s communist mentor
        -In early Obama white house, female staffers felt froze out
        -Obama says founders were wrong

      • Don Ingram

        You are right about one thing; he will be the greatest president ever in driving up the debt. Let see, so far to date, it is five trillion dollars, yep! he is by far the most spending president ever in history. We have a real winner in the white house.

      • Collin Jonn

        Apparently your mind has become delusional with the hope and change BS…..whenever obama speaks its nothing but lost hope and change for the worst. Research what our founding Fathers wrote in the Constitution, Obama is destroying it piece by piece, and your praising him ? I HOPE your one of the first to be culled from the heard.

      • Willie

        You must be a Marxist too.

      • jschmidt

        Bricks- you get hit by one of those bricks?

      • E.F. Young

        Quite taking drugs now! A mind is a terrible thing to waste

      • Michael Baram

        I have a better idea…one you’ll love. Declare him “President for Life”, disband Congress and the Supreme Court, and let His Gloriousness rule by decree.
        Oh…ooops….he’s already doing that.

      • RT

        I’m sorry if your Xanax prescription ran out as you were composing this but in what world is Barack doing ANY of the above? Last I heard the Supremes were hearing cases and Congress was digging itself an increasing deeper hole in the polls.

      • idaho2run

        What? Get off the crack pipe!
        Do you even know what the Constitution is?
        And he already is the worst President by all indicators ot this Country.

    • Yankee Doodle

      The founding fathers would kick our A55es for letting a Kenyan Muslim take over our country and for letting foreigners invade our nation by the millions under the guise of “immigration” and “multiculturalism”

      • dan

        the only idiot here i read is E in Canton — typical globalist progressive liberal wussie

        america needs to get back to basics and take back our govt from this thugocracy

      • Maryze

        My comment was for Yankee doodle

      • maryze

        I don’t know you but I love you.. You are soooo right and not afraid to say it..My kind of American.. Right on!!

      • Paula E Saunders

        So true,,, we will ge a long time, if ever getting out of the mess we have dug ourselves into, was ot realy only three years ago, our great nation elected this idiot….!!

      • Francisco Juarez

        i agree with all who think barrack “HUSSIEN’ obama is a muslim kenyan who hates America…he is destroying our country little by lots. he is getting rid of our military and using that money fo fund the wall protestors and other incidious un-american organizations. the muslim brother hood for one. the black panthers, the anti- tea party people. i want to buy this poster and i would proudly frame it and display it in my livingroom… and if you are here illegally, you should be deported immediately if not sooner. and obama should be the first to to…

      • Facts

        Barack Hussein Obama…the odd man out of all U.S. Presidents. And NOT in a good way. This painting totally captures that. Now what are our liberal ‘friends’ — who are normally ‘all for’ freedom of expression — going to do…all of a sudden say there’s no right to paint something like this?

      • upaces88

        RR, I posted this same remark far down on the Blog. E in Canton sounds just like one of those Craig’s List Hirees Obama paid for Yahoo Buzz….they get paid to be stupid.

      • John

        You said it!

      • eve hunter

        i feel so helpless. our newspapers no longer report news but are bought and paid to report the news as people against our government want them to. what do we do? there are huge blocks of people who want a weak government to continue. the tough old people who know better are dying off.

      • Clarity-jane Seer

        Agreed! Its time for Americans to get off the Obama Kool-Aid they are drinking!

      • RT

        Our “founding fathers” were foreigners. Ask any Indian left alive.

      • Pauler.

        Bull! The Founding Fathers were fifth generation Americans. Look it up man.


        Not all of the founders were born in America, but many were. But they were NOT NATURAL BORN that is why they allowed an exception in the Constitution for themselves.


        There is Only One Peaceful, Lawful, Constitutional Solution to end the Misery that we Live in Slavery Democracy – RISING in REPUBLIC “…and to the Republic for which it Stands…”

      • upaces88

        They wrote it into the Constitution because they did NOT want a British spy to work their way into a position to destroy their new found freedom from England.

      • Jaime

        Yes, we are all illegal aliens Gabe. Plus the art has no resemblance to reality and Yankee Doodle comments are not correct. Was there a country to regulate migration when the Europeans arrive to North America? Was there a welfare system for illegals to parasite from taxpayers? So many imbeciles receive “multicultural” diplomas in the public education system that these days reasoning is a scarce commodity. Wait, logic is a product of western civilization why bother when logic equates cannibalism? We are in the times of multiculturalism, of relativism. How can I forget that?

      • Zach Tyler

        I don’t like Obama, but he won the last election. This November, I’ll vote again.

        When I read ignorant, moronic posts like yours, I understand the reason the Founding Fathers created the Electoral College to actually elect a President.

      • david Still

        another nutter! Christ go back to day care

      • Custis Washington

        George Washington would have Obama shining the silver.

      • Jack Kennedy

        doug……….thanks for admitting that demonization is all you have with regards to the defending of oblamo

        e/canton……..obviously, sucks to be you

        gabe………..the natives, real Americans, deserve this country……..the mexicans, like you, need to go home

      • scott Chester

        E in Canton is not to be considered too bright, eh? Spot on mate, right then!

      • Doug

        As a proud liberal, I’m always pleased to see that bigots like this are the ones who are opposed to Obama.

      • Pensieve

        Yawn … Doug’s reduced to the tiresome rejoinder of the intellectually bereft liberal..

      • upaces88

        It hasn’t had his/her meds changed yet. They still aren’t working.

      • Dirty

        LOOK EVERYONE!…Here’s a prime example of the problem right here. It calls itself Doug!!

      • upaces88

        It needs to check into a psychiatric ICU to have its meds changed.

      • Sane

        Kenyan Muslim conspiracies just make liberals smile you moron. It’s people like you that will get Obama re-elected because they will paint all conservatives like whack jobs. Good work… http://static.ak.fbcdn.net/rsrc.php/v1/yq/r/RwaZQIP0ALn.gif

      • Steve

        @Gabe “Hernandez” I don’t know about you, but I didn’t enter this country illegally.

      • Herman Vogel

        Good for you,,,setting a good example is what more people should be doing. You are a true American.

      • Richard Halavais

        Steve, you’re wrong. Second generation Americans were almost universally born here so they’re citizens.

      • TimVA

        Interesting, E in Canton. My guess is the Founding Fathers would refer to their recently written 1st Amendment Right of free speech.

      • Steven

        Couldn’t have said it better and I’m a genius :)

      • Gabe Hernandez

        lest we forget, Yankee Doodle—except for native americans, we’re ALL illegal immigrants. I may have my weaknesses as a person, but at least I can say I’m not a bigot ike you.

      • Dan Carter

        You are correct, Yankee. Though I am not sure whether or not he is Muslim, one thing is for sure – he is no Christian.

      • smokehouse56

        Morons like E in Canton has no idea what your talking about when you said Federalists Papers.

      • Joe Dutra

        E in Canton is an illegal immigrant.

      • RR

        Hey “E”. Why don’t you buck up and provide a reason or two why you think Yankee is a moron. I’ll listen to the crickets while I await your brilliance…

      • Rich

        Agree Yankee – Wish People would Read and Understand the Federalist Papers that made this country GREAT!.

      • E in Canton

        Think they’d be more upset morons like you were making such idiotic comments.

      • Martinez

        To Gabe and Jaime, I am Hispanic, and you to don’t what the he11 you’re talking about. Your just race baiting. You probably think you’re talking about Aztlan that’s the biggest joke I’ve heard since doing some real research on Azteca. It’s disgusting how socialist hispanic pigs like you fail to point out that true American Hispanics are the most devout and family oriented people in the US. You give us a bad name!!

      • scott chester

        For Maryze, I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy also, can you love two of us?

      • David L

        Well the founders themselves were illegal immigrants. What constitutes illegal varies. does natural law not have a place in judicial law? That doesn’t mean that our founders were bad, they were doing what comes natural, dominating their environment using the tools that either evolved or were given to mankind. Blankets statements show why our nation is in such dire straights, there is not only a loss of intellectualism, currently there is a fad of anti-intellectualism going on. To state facts is called making a judgment, it is hating America, it is hating God, wanting poor people to die, you name it. It is everything but an honest discussion of how to save ourselves from ourselves. Thanks to talking head TV and talk radio our national politics has devolved into a sporting event where our team has to win even if it means the entire league and fans losing. I have hope for our Republic but it is going to get much worse before it get’s better I’m afraid. The days of Pax Americana are over, hopefully the days of Pax Sinica have not begun or God help us all.


        The forgotton man needs to get his sorry candy ass off the bench and grow a spine along with the will and heart of a warrior! and take back his country (THIS IS WORTH FIGHTING FOR) it is up to us! Americans that believe in true Freedom and Liberty.

      • Daniel Tipping

        How about taxing human labor, undeclared wars, and a central bank?
        There’s plenty about which the founding fathers could be upset.

      • HeckSpawn

        E in Canton is obviously in Canton, China…

      • Miguel

        I agree with Mattiniz. As an ex-democrat out her in CA, I solidly attack the vicious haters, Obama,

        This painter is right on! My former party has utterly destroyed our hopes, our dreams, out children’s futures here in Ca. Our 12% unemployment rate is proof that democrats and their academic cabal pf environmentalist, and government union thugs hate The American Worker and are happy to sacrifice The American Worker on their alter of academic environmentalist purity.


        Jack Kennedy , “RIGHT ON BROTHER” spoken like a true AMERICAN.

      • T.Paine

        No ”E”, they’d kick our a44e4 for ALLOWING morons like you stay in this Country

      • T.Paine

        No ”E”, they’d kick our a$$e$ for ALLOWING morons like you stay in this Country

      • Chelle Mitchell

        Yankee Doodle – Bravo!!


        This is a free country, if E in Canton wants to put lipstick and a dress on his camel that’s his right..
        But come Nov. this year I will personally cancell out his vote.

      • lafe

        Morons like smokehouse and the rest of the deluded right-wingnuts put too much emphasis on papers they’ve never read.

      • mcp123

        “going to do…all of a sudden say there’s no right to paint something like this?”

        No we are going to laugh at another insane nutjob republican propaganda piece. like we always do… then will watch Jon Stewart do an even more funny piece about your insanity and nutbaggery.

    • Lee

      Hey Gabe Hernandez, so you think native Americans just sprung up out of the ground here? We all immigrated here, even “native” Americans immigrated here. Some “natives” arrived first, then other “native” tribes shifted and displaced the original tribes for many years. Do you think all nativie American Indians are the very same? Do you think all Asians are the very same? Do you think all hispanics are the very same. No, they are not. So the natives that Europeans met when they arrived were not even the first group to live on this land. There were even Europeans to arrive in North America way before Columbus. The “natives” that later Europeans met had displaced others that were here first. Europeans just did what the “natives” had been doing for centuries before them; they joined the crowd and moved in on this land just like all of the other “natives” moved in before them. Do you think the Aztecs were the first to live in Mexico Mr Hernandez??? NOPE! Your Aztec ancestors in Mexico conquered the other Indians in that place and took over their land. So the ancestors of the Mexican natives were not actually the original natives. It is very racist and bigoted of you to treat one group of people differently because you don’t like their white skin.

      • David L

        Correct the Red Dirt People existed here before the contemporary “Native Americans” they are also called Paleo-indians but don’t let reasoned thinking and fact keep you from hating the brown people. That said we need border security to insure National Security and that goes for the northern border as well. You can freaking canoe into Maine from Canada We need a giant submerged fence there.

      • Smack Dab

        Off topic, but yeah, what you said about how no one is a “native” is absolutely true.

      • Common Sense Guy

        If Barry Soetoro is re-elected, it will be Canada that is invaded by canoe traffic from Maine, not vice versa.

    • upaces88

      It hurt my heart because it is real.

    • Jo Davy

      Well just because art provokes does not mean the message is good or even accurate. Leni Riefenstahl was one of the great directors of all time – having made “Triumph of the Will” for the Nazis….

      There are one or two other Presidents in the modern era that clearly overstepped their bounds that might be more appropriate in this painting. No doubt – for those who already dislike Obama – this simply helps fuel their anger – even if it is unwarranted that he appear this way in the painting….

      • JeffreyJ

        The message is very accurate, though not necessarily complete. Fact is, the constitution was trampled very much along the way. Roe v. Wade is an example. States rights have been obliterated. The Rico laws are another example.
        I think the painting is conveying a contemp and hatred of the constitution by Obama, more than anything else. Never has the office of the president been occupied by such a virulent anti-american in our history. Obama despises the constitution and would turn us into a place like a hybrid of his birth country Kenya and communist China if he could get away with it. The ideologue fool has got to go in November if we want to pass a nation on to our grandchildren.

      • Laura

        Don’t forget the three fifths compromise James Madison wrote into the constitution.

      • lb 22

        Boy is this ever a moron fest. I’m astounded that so many people consider such facile propaganda a profound work of art.

        I’m no fan of Obama, but at least when I criticize him it is based on actual policies he has enacted rather than some made-up delusional hodgepodge of paranoid imaginings.

        I mean honestly Cregg, what treaty are you talking about that gives the UN the unlimeted(sic) power to come in to the USA and arrest who they want come and get your guns etc.

      • Cregg Calhoun

        Know one else has stepped all over the constitution like Obama has signing treaties with the UN to under mine the constitution giving the UN the unlimeted power to come in to the USA and arrest who they want come and get your guns etc. ,!,

      • Kevin

        Really? You just had to support your talking points with the Nazi card? Really?

      • Ozlanthos

        I’ve hated every president since Carter. Mostly because between their own inflation of the function and size of government, but mostly their UNCONSTITUTIONAL national policies. Now, when legislation is passed with the signature of the prez, that makes him personally responsible for it’s passage. He may not have drafted Obamacare, but he backed and signed it. He may not have drafted or even supported the NDAA BUT HE SIGNED IT!!!! Worse yet, he might have been entirely ignorant of it, but if he signs HR 3166, IT’S PASSAGE WILL BE HIS FAULT TOO! That is why we hate Obama! Not because he is black, not because he is a democrat, but because HE LIES, and (as a result of his ignorance, or an inherent lack of ability to perform his function as president) as we knew he would, has done a lot to harm the people of this nation.


    • Jo Davy

      Just because art provokes does not mean the message is good or even accurate. Leni Riefenstahl was one of the great directors of all time – having made “Triumph of the Will” for the Nazis….

      There are other Presidents in the modern era that clearly overstepped their bounds that might be more appropriate in this painting. No doubt – for those who already dislike Obama – this simply helps fuel their anger – even if it is unwarranted that he appear this way in the painting..

      • Anthony

        Unwarranted? Where have you been the last three years? Mars? Oh wait, because of Obama, we are out of the space program…..and have to catch a ride with the Russians.

        Over-stepped? He has not stepped on the Constitution, he is stomping it into the ground. He has bypassed congress with “executive orders” more times than I can even count. He has shoved this healthcare debacle down our throats, and appointed supremely biased justices to the highest court of the land, who advocated for the government, on behalf of the heathcare law before getting her LIFE LONG spot on the bench. Nothing unusual about that? He attacked Libya, with out the consent or the will of the people and congress behind him. He took over private industries, and actually told a private company where they can, and CAN NOT do business in America.

        How much more proof do you need, this painting is VERY WARRANTED, and that idiot will probably get four more years because the republicans are just as stupid.

        Best ticket in town would have be Col. Allen West, because unlike obuttmer, he ACTUALLY KNOWS about foreign affairs, and is not afraid to use the word “terrorists” or “islam” in a bad light, or in combination.

        VP should have been Cain, he has actually WORKED for a living, not been smoking pot, and organizing communities……….

      • Brassia

        Unwarranted you said!!! One has to be deaf and blind and illeterate to be able to conclude it!

      • jaklynrose

        We don’t need anything to fuel our anger. Obama is doing fine all on his own. so sorry I voted for him. won’t make that mistake again. Dont’ like Romney or Gingrich but they would both be preferable to Obama. I was a moron when I voted for him.

      • JohnD

        Jo Davy, if you think this is unwarranted than you must have been asleep for the last 3 years. Keep drinking that liberal Kool-Aid, foolish person. Maybe you will wake up some day. But I seriously doubt it.

    • Lori

      Mr. McNaughton, your painting takes my breath away. I wish I could see it up close in all its grandeur. You’re a great Ameican.

      • Brushman

        Sorry i am a native i was born here…

    • Larry Miller

      It’s right on the money. Would like to see this on billboards all across the Country.

    • bill booth

      One Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words !

    • bill booth

      one picture is worth a thousand words!

    • Jim in Houston

      Calvin Kenney : Hey, Cal all that dope you’ve been smoking has messed up your pathetic little brain. By the way, please learn how to take the Cap lock off and use lower case, except when capitalization is called for. All caps makes you look even stupider.

    • Maria-Erlinda

      Not only very likeable art, very accurate art also!

      And the message conveyed, that Obama is trampling on the Constitution should surprise no one; it was Obama who –publicly, in front of TV cameras– stated that the Constitution merely is “…a charter of negative liberties.”

      It’s Obama’s own words, and all the artist has done is jut put it graphically.

      Of course, Obama made acts follow his words; the violations of the Constitution Obama has so far perpetrated are evident and keep acceleratedly increasing in number, scope, breadth and impudence, as the main ones called to bring it to the Courts, the ones we have hired to do it in our name –the U.S. Congress– do nothing about it.

      The Democrat-controlled Senate is in the hands of Obama’s comrades; the Republican-controlled House is in the hands of RINOs, establishment Republicans and other spineless GOP specimens.

      Meanwhile, it has to be artists and other plain citizens the ones to bring the case to the attention of the rest of the American people.

      Thank you, Jon Naughton!

    • Patriot

      You should look up the video on youtube. Were dealing with a rogue Administration, totally lawless. Throw Holder in Prison then arrest Obama and that would be a good start.

      Concerned Patriot.

    • Drake Jones

      What’s the big deal? According to Bush the Constitution “is just a god damned piece of paper!”

    • Comrade Mike

      Gary N. So you like this anti Obama screed, huh? We have special re-education camps for racist mal-contents like you. Oh yes Gary, we know who you are and where your family lives. Comrade Obama and Comrade Hillary will surely re-educate you. For you and your families own good of course.

    • Lee

      Goofy! “Goofy” always gets attention.

    • Janet

      Where can you get a copy? Great picture

    • Bill Brown

      there is a congress helping him do it as well….

    • meadowlands

      Great picture – Where can we get a copy?

    • old white guy

      at the rate obama is destroying the constitution he could be shown burning it.

    • Carlos

      Anyone who thinks Romney’s a RINO, is a kool aid drinking reactionary. He CUT taxes 19 TIMES. Vetoed pro-‘choice’ legislation, fought tooth & nail for the GOP in hostile NE.

      I’m proudly voting for him. So no more Americans have to look like the poor SOB in that painting.


  • david

    The Truth has become controversy? Interesting. RON PAUL!

    • drainthesswamp

      So if Ron Paul gets elected we will have prostitution and drug use.

      That’s so shocking. All the hard work by the hordes of Federal/State/Local anti prostitution and anti drug which have kept us free of these social cancers will be for nought….

      LMAO at the numbskull Paul haters.

      The real reason for Rons hatred is his foreign policy which is despised by the Zionistas…

      • Nestor

        Do you honestly think we don’t already have drug use and prositution? What will change under Ron Paul is that the state will no longer be able to profit from these activities! Use your brains please!

      • Bryant

        How is the state profiting from prostitution and drugs? Won’t the difference be under Paul that if drugs and prostitution are legal they can be regulated and taxed and therefore made PROFITABLE to the state as opposed to a huge drain of resources to fight?

      • Upaces

        Amsterdam did what you are suggesting. They made prostitution and drugs legal. When that got out of hand, they implemented a program of “GIVING” those addicted to drugs FREE drugs.

        Amsterdam has now seen that the combination of drugs with Prostitution has brought their crime rate to an all time high; and they have corrected their mistaken policy.

        ANYTIME, you have drugs and prostitution, you are inviting:
        Human Trafficking;
        Crime including murders, violence will jump to an all time high due to “wanting” to own the prostitutes and “ALL” the drug trade.

        Please research the stats for yourself in France, etc.


      obummer has written his own Constitution–The crook is a TRAITOR to America!

      • Gerald Carter

        What I would like to do is find this artist and punch him in his unpatriotic face and when I’m done find you and do the same.


        That’s so manly of you, you already proved that you are a BULLY, but now engage your brain and tell us what is so “unpatriotic” about this painting or the artist’s other Great Works. If you can’t do that maybe you should stay quiet or be punched in the mouth yourself.


        There is Only One Peaceful, Lawful, Constitutional Solution to end the Misery that we Live in Slavery Democracy – RISING in REPUBLIC “…and to the Republic for which it Stands…”

      • Right Is Wrong

        You know what cracks me up about Republicans is they always bash New York and New Yorkers, but right after 911, all they did was declare how much they loved New York and that we’re all in it together. It’s funny to see how they’re right back to their old ways of bashing New York, LA, San Francisco, etc. San Francisco gave you the computers, social media, etc. that you’re using right now. New York has given you Wall Street (big business) and LA produces all the movies and TV shows that you so love. I guess it proves when you’re so blinded with hate, that your ability to reason is severely impaired.

      • upaces88

        I haven’t seen anyone bash NY; however, I have seen people bash Bloomberg for selling NY out to the Muslims and CAIR.

        CAIR is now running the NY police dept. telling them how they should or should not train their officers to respond to the Muslim Community.

        My heart goes out to NY.

      • John S

        FO Gerry!

    • Barry Hardman

      We get the President we vote for…. Will you repeat the same mistake in November?

    • HAWK

      TRY PROOFREADING BEFORE PUBLISHING!!! The simple error of a two letter word changed the meaning of the entire context when you typed “by the American people” but clearly meant “on the American people.”

    • Gary 1206

      So true. Mention constitutionality to someone and they look at you as if you’ve two heads. How did that come to be?

      • James G

        Barack Hussein Obama….hhhmmmm….hhhmmmm…hhhmmmm

        That’s how. Nitwit teachers imposing their nitwit political ideas on our children.

        When we take back the country, that has to include the schools. Otherwise, we will be fighting this battle forever.

      • ajeff

        So true!

      • LTCB

        They’ve made “Constitution”, “conservative” and “Christian” all equally toilet talk. I would say May God have mercy on their souls. But, I can’t right now. I’ll have to pray to God whom they deny for the grace to forgive them enough to be able to honestly pray for them rather than about them. Jesus said to pray for our adversaries. Only by God’s grace can you pray FOR your enemies.

      • Sick of the Commies

        Teachers spend their time indoctrinating kids about “Jenni has 2 mommies” and how white people are evil. They don’t have time for the Constitution.

      • bill

        Because our beloved teachers are not teaching the Constitution. They are teaching American Civics anylonger. They use the time to teach Union By-Laws and Rights…….Good job teachers…..You will be the one who suffer the most for your lack of honor………

    • ronpaulismypotus

      I hope his next painting is of Ron Paul picking up and showing us taking back our constitution,holding it over his head victorious,& Obama sitting on the bench chained to his entire incompetent administration..RON PAUL or nobody in my oppinion!

      • Derrick Sexton

        David Still is the dope. Look at every speech Ron Paul has ever given, every word he has ever said, every thing he has ACTUALLY written, and it is obvious to all except the blind that this man wants equal individual liberties for ALL people, freedom for ALL. Justice for ALL. Those like David just haven’t used to brain power to look into the subject and instead think they are so cool and so smart for trying to sling mud on a white wall. Get informed, please, for the sake of all.

      • aubreyfarmer

        upaces88 We already have prostitution and the fact that drugs are illegal only makes drugs more profitable for the drug cartels and our CIA. Do you see any decline in drug use after the billions upon billions that have been spent on the so called war on drugs? You can not dictate nor enforce morality on people. Morality is a decision that each individual must freely choose for themselves. It is pathetic that there are those that think for society to function that we must have an all powerful government acting like our mommy and daddy. You either believe in individual liberty and personal responsibility or you don’t. My individual liberty guaranteed by the Constitution gives me the freedom to choose and does not rely on receiving permission from people like you for how I wish to live my life. You and millions of others are manipulated by the Jewish controlled media and consent is manufactured with the help of the sheep like yourself, which results in the loss of freedom for all. Who are you to tell me or anyone else how to live my life, when the way I choose to live has no negative results for your life? A government that promises you everything can also just as easily take everything away and often does so to coerce those they are suppose to serve into doing things that are against their best interests. You are ignorant, but I hope you aren’t stupid. Everyone needs to wake up and help the rest of us save our nation from tyranny. A very good place to start. http://www.iahushua.com/JQ/436quote1.html

      • The Classical Liberal

        Yes upaces88 , I do want to legalize prostitution and drugs.

        Much of the problem in both those industries is because it’s illegal. If alcohol was illegal and people were killing each other over beer; using kids as couriers because they wouldn’t be imprisoned – would you then say that legalizing beer and wine would be a silly, stupid idea?

        I’m not in favor of prostitution or drug addiction but … what exactly are we truly accomplishing by having it illegal. Could we not deal with the problem better if it was legal?

      • BRUTUS

        I wish before you say Ron Paul that you would read the Constitution, as for those of us that have we know that Paul is NOT a supporter of the Constitituion rather he believes in the Articles of Confederation which limits the Central government the way Paul would have it but NOT the way it is the the Constitution, read and be informed. I too like many of Pauls ideas save one on National security and defense and for eigh policy. We can’t live in a dangerous world wth our heads buried in the sand. Like it or not the world is a very dangerous place and we must be ever vigilant and prepared for the unknown for we do not know what we don’t know. This from an old combat warrior, 1/506th air assualt infantry, 101st A.B. DIV.

      • brassia

        Your Ron PAul already sold out to Romney

      • Eric N

        I believe that every person has the right to live their life the way they want to, as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody else. It is what America is all about. Do you really disagree with this?

      • upaces88

        Thank you! I get soooo frustrated at the Ron Paul People.
        I have never in my life heard sooo many excuses when I ask them:
        1) Do you realllly want prostitution;
        2) Do you realllly want to legalize drugs?

        You should hear the ridiculous responses.

      • david Still

        rofn is flaming racist dope…and you? a follower

      • http://madamsnowgal.wordpress.com madamsnowgal

        Should have been Perry!!!!

      • frank

        Don’t you all understand that if you don’t agree with obama you are a racist, racist , racist and stupid, wheras if you agree you are inspired.

        Speaking of inspired since Barry was inspired by Jesus to say higher taxes on the rich are ok would some one please ask him to check with Jesus again and ask about some other issues like say the morning after pill or maybe abortion.

      • Amillennialist

        I’ve always admired Ron Paul for his defense of the Constitution.

        However, I cannot support him as Commander-in-Chief, since he’s stated his belief that if we leave Islam alone, it will leave us alone.

        Nothing is further from the truth. Islam exploded out of Arabia nearly one and one-half millennia ago and has since waged war against the non-Muslim world on the basis of universal, open-ended commands like “kill the pagans wherever you find them” (Qur’an 9:5).

        Paul’s position on jihad is essentially the Left’s: When Muslims attack us, it’s our fault.

        If you really believe that, then how do explain the Barbary pirates attacking American shipping just after the Revolution? (George W. Bush wouldn’t be born for another two centuries!) You historians will recall what Adams and Jefferson discovered when they asked our Muslim antagonists why they were attacking us, since we had done nothing to them:

        “In March 1785, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams went to London to negotiate with Tripoli’s envoy, Ambassador Sidi Haji Abdrahaman (or Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja). Upon inquiring “concerning the ground of the pretensions to make war upon nations who had done them no injury”, the ambassador replied:

        “‘It was written in their Koran, that all nations which had not acknowledged the Prophet were sinners, whom it was the right and duty of the faithful to plunder and enslave; and that every mussulman who was slain in this warfare was sure to go to paradise. He said, also, that the man who was the first to board a vessel had one slave over and above his share, and that when they sprang to the deck of an enemy’s ship, every sailor held a dagger in each hand and a third in his mouth; which usually struck such terror into the foe that they cried out for quarter at once'” (Wikipedia, First Barbary War).

        Obama says, “Respect Islam.” Paul says, “It’s our fault.” Romney says, “There’s nothing inherently violent about Islam.” Utter nescience (or worse).

        We need to fill the Oval Office — and the Congress! — with citizens who understand not only that government exists to protect our rights (not that we live as a resource for the State to exploit), but that while there may be moderate Muslims (google “taqiyya”), Islam itself is not “moderate.”


  • sosad

    Nothing controversial about this. It depicts the facts and the truth of Obama.

    • LAstud

      Second that. As soon as I saw it, I wondered what’s controversial about it. It’s absolutely true.

      • rich

        LOL .. so agree. No Controversial Issue here .. Just the TRUTH.

      • hawk


      • tressa

        The truth hurts but of course because it is depicting this Pres it is “controversial”. But, when they hanged G.W. Bush in effigy, called him a war criminal, wanted him impeached, criticized him on a daily basis, not one word fin defense or horror rom the Lame Stream Media…It seems like this Pres. is covered in teflon doesn’t it? I am sick and disgusted with this shield around him…

      • Cka Redstate America

        And that is exactly what makes it controversial.

      • Latrina Axkoon

        dis paintin beez racist bro

    • Texas Freedom

      Right on. Truth.

      • Z1

        Its one of them things, we can’t keep talking about recovery and everything without actually doing anything.
        Issues have to be addressed.


    • Dave

      The only thing that makes it “controversial” is that he’s still in office for a little while and the sycophantic press doesn’t usually question the emperor’s new clothes.


      • upaces88

        Dave, there have been reports online where impeachment proceedings had begun — suddenly they all disappear. There is something going on that we are not privy to.

        Might want to Google his Corpse Count…

    • laurac68

      This oughtta be the front page photo on every newspaper in the country. I wish I had the money to buy/lease a bunch of billboards..this painting would be on all of them No caption needed, the painting says it all.

    • iceman72

      I’d like to see the Artist, Jon McNaughton do the same painting again with Mitt Romney’s foot also on the Constitution. He’s the same as Obama.

    • Afterburner

      The truth hurts yet it will fester if not brought out into the light.

    • Stephen

      It’s controversial to liberals because it points fingers at their god.

    • teaisstronger


      He is Commander in Chief and we are at war. Obama must stand trial for Treason before a General Court Marshall. Impeachment does not have any penalty but Treason does.

      • Kamran

        What exactly has he done to warrant arrest for Treason?

      • Right Is Wrong

        Hey, knucklehead, if you’re dreaming about the Marines arresting Obama, than you need to keep dreaming and dream a little bigger. On what grounds has his behavior been treasonous? Just because you lost the election, doesn’t mean you get to arrest every one. You’re the true enemies of freedom. Just read history and see who did that kind of thing-the Nazis. You are incredibly sore losers and you’re going to lose again.

      • Clete Torres

        Hey nipplehead:

        The Democrat Party’s platform approximates Nazi philosophy than anything ever put forward by the Republicans.

        Look it up.

      • lb 22

        You know, the military deposing a democratically elected president is pretty much the definition of treason.

      • Stephen

        Unfortunately, there’s not one of the individuals running for office on the GOP ticket has any intentions in pressing charges against him “just becasue” he’s black.

    • George Johnson

      Not sure why it WOULD be controversial. During the Bush years, they had a painting of Bush with a gun to his head. And we were told that was “art” and we must accept it. They books and movies about his assassination, and we were told that’s all “Art” and we have to accept it.
      But THIS!!! THIS!? Isn’t “art” all of a sudden? And we must NOT accept it?!/
      Liberals, besides destroying America little by little, are SUCH hypocrites and liars.

    • Margie

      This painting needs to be left where it can be found by the next to find this planet. It can answer the question, “I wonder what happened to them.”

      • Bryant

        They really sucked at art?

    • Ken Sonntag


      • Denny

        Right is wrong

        Ifyou cn’t see te truth in the painting, you must be blind. Maybe there should be a copy made in Brail.

      • Ian MacFarlane

        The truth is that the Republicans and their extreme right fringe are the ones trampling on the Constitution. Obama is not trying to shove religion into our secular government and is acting entirely within the law. All the right wing lies cannot change that, although the Rethuglicans are trying the “Big Lie” technique. And they are being assisted by Matt Drudge, Rush Limburger, and Faux News.

      • MrGJG

        You idiots that talk about Fox news like it’s some kind of right-wing cabal make me laugh.
        Fox news is center-left at best.
        They were at one time, somewhat conservative, but those days are over.
        Faux news indeed.

      • tymtrvlr

        TOOL, keep drinking the obama fool-ade. You see only what you want to see. obama has trampled the Constitution and has used it for toilet paper to wipe his marxist arse. If you would care to actually read the U.S. Constitution AND the Bill of Rights along with the Federalist papers let me know, I’ll send you the websites. Not going to waste my time publishing here, because you are obviously a parasite that just wants to keep the marxists in power to GIVE you more free stuff at the producing Americans expense. You are the new American, unfortunately a pathetic breed.

      • steven f brown

        Just ask yourself are you better off now than 4 years ago. I guarantee you if you have holdings in the stock market you are. Such children using grownup words like Marxist, socialist. etc. I am amazed at how many un-patriotic people there are out there. I stand by our President. To think we get him for $4000,000 plus benefits, WOW.

      • sandiego1969

        So the vast right-wing conspiracy theory still lives. Look at it this way. If Mr Obama has the right to enact an HHS rule, a conservative president will have the right to outlaw-by-rule-not law the same insurance coverage and more. Do you really want that kind of government? Government by who paid off the president last to get what they want? That is why this needs to be stopped now.

      • ryan

        It is all going down hill. I am preparing for the apocalypse if we have to choose between Romney and Obama.


      • Right Is Wrong

        Sorry, Ken, but art only reflects the “reality” of the viewer and artist. There are no “facts” in art. It’s the artist’s interpretation of reality or fiction. Nothing less, and nothing more. You can “read” into it or project whatever you want–that’s what great art does.

      • delatopia

        You really think this is “great” art? Only hacks feel the need to gin up fake controversies and malign good people in order to get people to notice their art.

      • Barack Mugabe

        No, we think this is ACCURATE art.

  • johnsta

    Wonder why this artist didn’t choose to do this when GW was destroying the Constitution with warrantless wiretapping, Executive Orders denying us several rights, the TSA unreasonable searches and the Patriot Act?

    Oh I know why, because it’s always OK if it’s a Republican….


    • Moosemiester

      Nice troll comment johnsta but the facts are that Obama has taken everything GW did and doubled down. Three examples:

      Obama now has the right to arrest anyone, anywhere, and hold them indefinitely.

      Obama assassinated an American citizen without a trial.

      A Democratic super majority not only renewed the Patriot Act, they made it stronger.

      • Upaces

        What deeply concerns me? He has twisted the Patriot Act to the point that “HE has the capacity within him” to arrest a citizen for disagreeing or protesting against him.

        There was a Protest in D.C. that was “NOT” allowed on You Rube and the Media was NOT allowed to cover it. I know because a friend of my family called me about it. She was shocked because they were NOT violent…it was a simple protest with signs — and without being loud and rowdy.

    • Ronster

      Your boy has re-upped on every single one of those Bush programs, PLUS signed a bill saying he can hold American Citizens for as long as he wants with no trial.

      You sir are a lying hypocrite!

      • America The Beautiful

        Obama isn’t Communist!

        I was just kidding about my comment above!

        Obama + Romney= Nazi Amerika!

        Obama= Adolf Hitler?

        Mitt Romney= Heinrich Himmler, Josef Gobbels, and Adolf Hitler…

        Don’t let this country fall to the swatstika!

        For all we know Obama and Romney could change the national flag to a red flag, white circle, and blue swastika. GET RID OF THE NEO-NAZIS NOW!


      • Catherine Fore





      • Dave

        “My name Kunta Kinte!”

        “Your name Toby!”

        (crack of a bullwhip)

        “My name Toby!”

        It takes a Village…..

      • Right Is Wrong

        Our “boy” is the President of the United States. He won the last election and as your former president (see we’re more cordial and respectful of the office) stated: ‘Elections have consequences and I’m going to spend my political capital.’ We’re spending ours. President Obama can’t win with you folks. If we stay in Iraq you complain. If we leave because we’re honoring an agreement made by former President Bush, you complain. By the way, if Bush had actually acted during his 8 years against Iran, our current president wouldn’t have inherited yet another mess. You act as if the previous 8 years and the Bush Administration’s policies had no effect and they ended as soon as the president took office. Conservatives always act from emotion, superstition, hate and a complete indifference to facts, science, logic or history. If you can distort, utilize lies of omission or rewrite history all together, you always do.

    • Boswick

      You do know that Joe Biden wrote the Patriot Act in 1995.

      • Michael Baram

        I’m shocked. I didn’t know Biden could write.

      • Calvin

        Yes, Biden himself congratualated himself on it’s passage. Look it up.

    • Jack Ryan

      Compared to what Obam’s been doing Bush’s actions were childs play. And very little of what Bush did had not been done by Presidents before him.

      • RT

        Funny, I don’t remember Obama starting two wars on faked up information. Or ignoring the leveling of an American city by a hurricane. Or blowing a surplus on bogus tax cuts.

      • mariee

        No, he started a third war and encouraged the Muslim Brotherhood and their zest for Sharia Law. He has done a horrible job comforting and supporting states that have had tragedies like tornados, you just don’t hear about that because the MSM covers it up. Just like the MSM isn’t hammering his admin. about Fast and Furious! If something like that happened under Bush, it would be amplified day and night, if you can’t see that, you are an idiot!

      • littleleers

        I advise anyone who wants to know more about Obama’s failures to turn to the British press. Our MSM covers for the fool in the WH, but the British had no need to.

      • littleleers

        RT, you memory is short. Have you forgotten the botched response and ignorance by Obama during the BP oil spill? Gov. Jindahl was BEGGING Obama for Fed help and received silence!!!!! Basically, there was NO response from Obama.

        As far as wars go, Obama took military assets over to Libya. After 90 days he refused to get the approval of congress, which is a courtesy and required. Obama believes he is a King. The MSM has been quiet, but the British press is reporting the ongoing civil strife in Libya….great job ZERO!

        Obama washed taxpayer money on a risky investment (as he was advised by the DOE, that is was!) into Solyndra….that failed and all taxpayer money lost.

        Or what about Fast & Furious? Having the ATF sell guns to the Mexican drug cartels so that you, Obama & Holder, can lie to the American people and say that the U.S. is also responsible for the violence in Mexico (as said by Obama with Pres. Felipe Calderon standing by his side on the WH lawn two years ago.) One of our border patrol agents was killed with one of those weapons.

        Obama is a BIG FAT ZERO…and he and skinny rear will be out of the Peoples House come Nov. 2012.

      • Tami

        Amen littleleers! Spot on!!

    • Justme

      I took a plane when GW Bush was president and I didn’t have the TSA scanning me or patting me down. That is BO’s doing. He also dramatically EXPANDED the Patriot Act. BO promised to repeal it.

      • Ted Knight

        The problem is that the bad guys dramatically expanded their efforts. During Bush years, bad guys weren’t shoving explosive in their underwear or up their ass.

      • RT

        The TSA started doing all that after the 9/11 attacks, during the Bush admin, you schmuck.

      • Ted Knight

        During Bush years, bad guys weren’t shoving explosive in their underwear or up their ass.

      • RT

        No, they were flying airplanes into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.

    • Bruce

      If you would look, the artist has George Bush place on the opposite side of the Founding Fathers and the presidents who were conservative and who upheld the Constitution. GW is placed among the liberal presidents and right behind Obama. The aritist knew very well the failings of this man.

      • davec

        yeah I noticed that, with his back to them. The meaning is clear.

      • HansJurgen

        Nope, he placed Bush in the “recent” president position. In fact, if I were the artist, I would have had Bush raise his middle finger at Obummer, but then that wouldn’t accurately represent Bush since he has more integrity than Obummer.

    • johnsta is clueless

      How do you know what his views were on Bush? And I would ask the same question of you – are you concerned that Obama has pretty much kept doing what Bush was doing? I’d guess no because you are a democrat. Pathetic.

      And Bush didn’t destroy the constitution. Quit with the hyperbole. The warrantless wiretapping in effect is constitutional and severely restricted. And you have no right to fly on a commercial airplane without being checked for security reasons. I have no idea what executive orders you are referring to and I doubt you do either. I guess you’ll need to go look at a left wing website to get more information…

      • James G

        Just for he record… What part of the Constitution gives the federal government the right to grope citizens who want to travel? Many of those “gropes” would get you arrested if you did it to another person– especially a child.

        This is not about security. TSA has never apprehended anyone, they fail every test they are given, they steal from our luggage, and they are the ones who are almost always responsible for airport security shutdowns– because they leave their posts, or leave doors unlocked, or just don’t pay attention.

        TSA was foisted upon us to relieve airlines of liability– not to protect us. TSA is an amateur hour collection of otherwise unemployable misfits. If you think you are safer– think again.

      • earl eakin

        It is security theatre. We have the technology to scan everyone without their knowledge but like a quiet vacuum cleaner…no one thinks it’s working.

  • Danny Nix

    I saw this work on his website in 2011. Excellent work, as well as his other fine works. They make you think and understand what is happening to our country and freedoms.

    • freecheese

      I went to Bing to find a pic I could send to friends. It has been pulled from the net.
      Is Bing going the same way as Google has? Reports that “non transferable file.”

      • Barb

        Check photobucket.com

      • upaces88

        I tried for two days to get on Bare Naked Islam and kept getting a 404 code. (think that was it)

      • Kevin

        I just downloaded the picture via 2 different links from the bing search and had no problem visiting barenakeislam. There isn’t a conspiracy in everything

  • William O

    The artist got it wrong; he should have both feet on the constitution.

    • George N. Weezie

      Nope, more like wiping his royal posterior.

      • deeb lteif

        you must dependent on the government

      • Baja Bert

        Concur completely!

      • Cka Redstate America

        And also urinating on the Constitution.

  • Ricky Soliai

    The truth will always be labeled ‘controversial’…like a weak flicker of light in the darkest room…it exposes evil! Great portrait!

    • Travis

      I find it interesting how conservatives bash the left for it’s “socialist” programs yet use an image like this to suggest Republicans would help the man on the bench. The right would have him arrested for loitering.

      • c

        Travis we are NOT ASKING FOR HELP just get the government out of our way

    • http://madamsnowgal.wordpress.com madamsnowgal

      Takes me back to when Ted Kennedy killed the girl on the bridge and got away with murder. I suppose that means if you are a democrat you get away with murder :O(

      • David Christensen

        Not only a murderer, but admired by democrats. Nutty, huh?

      • Larry Carrigan

        Or if your name is g bush, republican, and you MURDER 5,000 of my fellow servicemembers in a fake illegal occupation of Iraq.

    • buddy

      You are all idiots. Have you even read the constitution, do you even understand Law. Educated Yourself and stop listening to Talk radio

    • chris

      How come no one painted a picture of George Bush lying to start a war we are still fighting & losing life over. Great picture my arse!

    • Ryan

      Obama is destroying the constitution, this nation is headed down so fast and we have MITT ROMNEY to save us? Please.

      I just read an article on how to prepare for the apocalypse and I am seriously stocking up. It is all going down man.


      • RHO

        When it comes down to election day, Romney is a less evil choice than Obama.

      • Aaron

        Here’s a good link to aid your personal preparedness. http://www.providentliving.org Coincidentally, it’s from Romney’s church.

    • Kate

      Exactly right. Obama could give a dam- about the Constitution. His Marxist administration “has to be defeated” if America does not want to end up a third world country, because under Obama, that’s where we’re headed.

      • ed

        None so blind as those who refuse to see. Hey Kate, you have a lot to say of which you don’t understand. Think woman think for a change. Look deeply into the mirror.

      • Elaine

        U.S. Drops to 47th on Press Freedom Index
        Go figure: The United States ranks only 47th among 179 nations in the 10th Annual Press Freedom Index compiled by Reporters Without Borders — lower than such nations as Jamaica, Mali, Niger, El Salvador, and Papua New Guinea.
        Reporters Without Borders is a France-based nongovernmental organization whose contributors include an institute funded by left-wing financier George Soros.

        Continue Reading:

      • Stu in Iowa

        Just when you think somebody can’t post something even more stupid than the last post…..

      • Bryce

        Marxist? His War on Terror has been Bush’s War on Terror. His health care bill was basically the same thing Mitt Romney signed in Massachusetts, and the same thing the Republicans were proposing as an alternative to Bill Clinton’s overhaul. His tax proposals would only take a few very wealthy people back to Clinton-era taxation levels.

        Obama isn’t a Marxist. he’s a mainstream centrist politician, and a huge friggin’ improvement over the last guy. Get over your rabid hatred.

    • Constitution

      Think things are bad now? If Ron Paul does not get elected, get ready, you have not seen anything yet from this Tyrannical govt. The FBI is now using chainsaws to get into your house.

    • teaisstronger


      He has violated his oath of office to God and America and that is Treason. Those who defend him are guilty of the same crime.

      • Kevin Kehoe

        it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

      • Sara

        Please read michaels comment above.

        It is the most important comment on this thread.

        Please understand, you have been brainwashed.

        Most of you are uniformed.

        Seek the truth.

        And if you are taking psychotropic drugs, quit. ” They ” are killing you.

      • dgor

        The rope he is hanged with had better be” Made in America”

      • Michael

        I have just finished reading the comments in this thread and you all need to go to school and get an education. This is pure hate built on to much BS from Fox, CATO Institute, Heritage Foundation and no real input from American History. It is as though you all want to re litigate the civil war. Face it you all lost and you all are going after the wrong president. Bush and Reagan would be better targets but you all would have had to actually read something. Some mentally ill person reading this mess might try to do harm to someone and that would be a tragedy. Where were you all when Bush destroyed our economy and allowed our finanical sector to infect the world economy. Oh thats right Sean Hannity was on and you were too busy …not letting your heart be troubled. The sad thin is no one took time to put you back on the short bus. By you I mean all of you. Your are being disrespectul and your knowledge and patriotism are in serious question.

      • Real Deal

        Pitter43 I agree George W. Bush should be tried for treason and put in jail for this illegal war that has cost more than 4000 American lives.

      • S.Acebedo

        Are you kidding me – Obama is a patriot, an honest man and cares about the people. This is the most disrespectful rhetoric I’ve heard to date.

      • RHO

        We are at the point of no return. Our divisions can’t be glossed over or resolved any longer. The democrats are Marxists and Marxists don’t compromise. We are going to have to settle this the old fashioned way.

      • Stu in Iowa

        What did the caps button ever do to you teaisstronger?

      • Zman

        We can’t keep talking about recovery and everything without actually doing anything.
        Issues have to be addressed.


      • Mirian

        ZMan, I can’t add anything to that; except,my acknowledgement that you are right..

      • Bruce Frykman

        Hello Pitter43,

        He should be “hanged” after he is tried and convicted, of course, for what he has done to the dismal state of government education.

      • carlb

        you are absolutely right. but what made america great has been lost in the last 50 years. we could no longer even get the people needed for another world war . we have become sheep and weaklings. tyhe painting is true but if you will notuice all the main media has not shown it . even fox to all of america it took drudge to do it and the internet.

      • djw663

        And yet they are getting away with it each and every day. It has taken the Democrats 40 some odd years to get to this point it is time for a major change in the leadership of this country. The Tea Party and those with similar beliefs are the one’s to get us back on the right path just like Andrew Jackson way back when. The first Republican.

      • Mirian

        Violation of allegiance toward one’s country or sovereign, especially the betrayal of one’s country by waging war against it or by consciously and purposely acting to aid its enemies.
        A betrayal of trust or confidence.

        Read more: http://www.answers.com/topic/treason#ixzz1kckzTDVK

      • 31337

        you talk the talk but do you walk the walk? Its just not going to happen :(

      • Upaces

        I agree with you 100%!!!!1
        He seem sot believe you can run a country making up the rules (his rules) as he goes along!

      • Miriam

        Article 1 Sec 6 Senate/Rep cannot be arrested during their term except for Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace.
        Article 2 Sec 1 Pres shall receive compensation which shall neither be increased nor diminished during the period for which he shall have been elected and he shall not receive within that period any other emolument for the United states or any of them.
        Article 2 Sec 2 The Pres, VP and all civil officers of the US shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for and conviction of Treason, Bribery or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.
        Article 3 Sec 2. The trial of all crimes, except in cases of impeachment shall be by jury and held in the state where the said crimes shall have been committed
        Article 3 Sec 3. Treason against the US shall consist only in levying war against them or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.
        Also, I don’t remember where I read it but the Pres is not allowed to hold any other offices while he is

      • Ken Bowser

        Notice those on the right side applauding and those on the left are not? Both parties and ALL adnimistrations in my lifetime are guilty as sin. Wanna change it? Lets send HONEST, middle class citizens to D.C., then DEMAND ALL classified info be de-classified except for sensitive military, defense, trading and patents. We all need to see what the government knows about 9/11, 1st trade center attack, Waco, ect…. I doubt the citizens would be very happy if we knew all the facts.

      • Elaine

        You just made a “Red, White and Blue” EXCELLENT Point.

      • pitter43

        Exactly right. He should be led off in cuffs, tried and convicted, then hung, along with his co-conspirators.

  • Ronster

    The truth hurts, so it’s no wonder that the leftists/socialists/communist/Democrats object to it.

    To outrage a Republican, lie to him….
    To outrage a Democrat, tell him the truth.

    • deeb lteif

      thank you!

    • Son of the 101st

      The detention camp hell you liberals are planning for we Christians, may really be your new home at the rate the subversion is occuring.You liberals may want to win this struggle, for your own good.Many a German my father said in detention field camps would say to him “i was not a a Nazi”

      • lb 22

        I’m pretty sure that a psychiatrist would be able to give a name to whatever condition you are suffering from. Delusional paranoid, with a unfounded persecution complex is my guess.

      • SenorPlaid

        Please, Bryce, you’re trying to reason with someone who is clearly delusional. No sense wasting your time.

      • Bryce

        How exactly are we supposed to put 78% of the country in detention camps? Or do you define “Christian” as the 1% of actual Christians who are stockpiling weapons and peanut butter, refusing to pay taxes, and building underground bunkers out of decommissioned school buses?

        Do you have any idea how ridiculous it is for someone whose religion includes four fifths of your fellow Americans to claim religious persecution?

    • david Still

      hey dope!

      • Jerry Allen

        yes david is a dope..or on dope (talk to mommy)

    • Mike

      That is a fact

    • Michael Vaughmit

      Kids, pay attention. When you abandon your capacity to think and reason in favour of mindless partisanship and hatred, you’ll say things like this, much to the delight and ridicule of the rest of us.

      • g13

        check out your liberal rap sheet. why don’t you put that up? i don;t have enough time dika dirka

      • Right Is Wrong

        Republicans are the ruling class when it comes to spewing propaganda, lies, lies of omission, distortions, manipulation of facts, denial of science, reason, logic and morals. You will always defend a Republican whether it’s New Gingrich, serial adulterer, David Vitter (frequent visitor of call girls), Mark Foley, Sanford, etc. You talk a good game when in comes to values, yet cannot apply these same judgements to your side. Basically you’re intellectually dishonest, or what most people call liars.

      • http://indyfromaz.wordpress.com indyfromaz


    • Joanne Newnam

      Great comment

    • teaisstronger

      Well said!

    • Ormonde
      • Elaine

        Unfortunately, you are right!
        At first, I thought, Maybe(?), they didn’t know; or hadn’t read the same articles; or listened to the same Video(s) I had. I was WRONG.

        They read and watch, then turn right around and argue against the truth WITHOUT using an article OR a Video to prove me wrong.

        They want us to take “their word for it” and/or because “I say so” as their complete argument.

    • UriahJob

      Except I would not give Republicans so much credit for honestly. There are quite a few crooked Republicans like Gingrich and George W.Bush, neither of whom really care about Obama’s trampling on the constitution.

  • Chukkalady

    Are there prints of this picture avaialbe for sale? T-shirts?

    • http://madamsnowgal.wordpress.com madamsnowgal

      I think there are some on his website.

    • carlb

      google it. i got a great wall paper and jpeg and have printed 20 and handed them out to my sons school mates. they all took them to school and posted them in the classrooms.alotwere ripped apart by teachers.not in the program for indoctrination camps

      • djarhead


        I’m with you on admiring Mr.Naughton’s work and wanting to raise awareness of his artistry. McNaughton’s images provides a stark, compelling illustration of how we as Americans were beguiled four years ago and how important it is that we “don’t get fooled again”.

        I would hope that you and all others who are moved by McNaughton’s work will respect the essence of our free enterprise economy. A truly evocative artist is rare and should be fairly compensated for his work.

        If you’re going to buy a wallpaper jpg since it is of higher resolution than a basic screen grab and therefore more suitable for desktop reprinting, and you don’t have the decency to ask the artist for permission to steal 20 copies of his work, at least don’t brag to us all about your “patriotic” larceny. Your copyright infringement, also known as “theft” sets a bad example for your children and their friends.

        Sorry to ding you but I just have to call ’em as I see ‘um. Otherwise, keep fighting the good fight and we’ll probably be seeing each other soon ‘enuf on the barricades.

      • Right Is Wrong

        Totally inappropriate and good example of why this generation is so inept, brainswashed and uneducated. How would you have liked if your brat’s classmates had brought picture of Bush dressed in a Nazi uniform? You are a sorry bunch of haters and what’s worse, you’re teaching your devils spawn how to be as dim witted as you.

    • Juliann Cornwall

      He will be moving to Amazon because his website overloaded after this story posted. I am a FB fan http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Jon-McNaughton/157211518652 and he is a fantastic artist and will be gearing up for the popularity of the painting soon be paitient and let him catch up. Some pictures speak more than words could ever say.

  • Dwight E. Howell

    I like it.

  • Dilbertnomore

    Spot on, sadly.

  • Ricky Soliai

    Truth will always be ‘controversial’…like the weakest flicker of light in the darkest room…it exposes evil! Great portrait!

  • Factchecker

    This is OLD news. GREAT painting. Love it.

  • J Ruben Kincaid

    That is the change Obama believes in.

    Texas Secede Now!

    • Ethan Edwards

      Amen brother.

    • http://madamsnowgal.wordpress.com madamsnowgal

      AMEN!!! Been saying that all along :O) Be careful what you type because Big Brother reads all and snuffs out ambitionists.

    • Bryce

      I agree. For the love of god, please Texas, secede. And take the whole Confederate South with you. I swear, we’ll let you go peacable-like this time.

    • Larry Carrigan

      Please do, hillbillie backward slow losers.

      • DVD_Charlie

        It appears your Liberal Education has done wonders with your spelling. or it could be you are a slow backwards learner.

      • Dave Umb

        Hey Larry! It’s “hillbilly” – not “hillbillie”. Stupid.

      • sensible american

        The hillbillie backward slow losers as you put it, are much better people than the liberal losers who are always looking to the government to do everything for them, even think for them.

      • J Ruben Kincaid

        LOL. Okay bigshot. Clearly you are yet another deranged liberal because I PROMISE you that Texas is doing better than whatever state you call home. I can also PROMISE that I do better than you. Libs are good name callers because its all you have.

  • LogicNotHuff

    The painting when viewed in real life (a reproduction) is striking in its accuracy, power, and clarity. This artist has done a wonderful job of showing just what the Monster Obama is up to…. jams down churches throats that they must hand out contraceptives, hires 150 leftist, bolshevik “czars” to make policy outside of the constitutional processes, issues books and books of regulations on industry with no conressional process, involves the USA militarily with Libya with no Congressional authorization, says he’s not going to enforce the law of the land DOMA, changes military policy toward gays by kingly order instead of involving the citizens of this nation, and he’s about to give amnesty to illegal invaders by kingly order, and he’s said he will go around congress on budget. This guy is a monster and should be impeached today, even though he has 11 months and 2 weeks to inflict damage.

    • nowangel

      But, but……Obama’s a Constitutional ‘lawyer”. Right?

      Show me a Constitutional lawyer that doesn’t love our Constitution. I’ll show you Ginsberg and Obama.

      • Mirian

        Recently, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has picked up on this charge. In a March 27 conference call with reporters, Clinton spokesman Phil Singer claimed:

        Singer (March 27): Sen. Obama has often referred to himself as “a constitutional law professor” out on the campaign trail. He never held any such title. And I think anyone, if you ask anyone in academia the distinction between a professor who has tenure and an instructor that does not, you’ll find that there is … you’ll get quite an emotional response.

      • Joe

        He’s the perfect operative. Understand your enemy and then beat them at their own game.

      • founding fathers student

        YOU have to wonder what consitution he is a lawyer of ,

    • Bryant

      Wait, do you mean the same DOMA John McCain called unconstitutional? And wasn’t Don’t Ask Don’t Tell something the military leadership itself largely opposed and only abolished after being voted on by both houses of congress who are the representatives of the people? And didn’t Obama double the number of deportations of illegal immigrants? And aren’t churches exempt from the birth control thing and it’s only for universities and other organizations that take federal money? And didn’t that Libya thing work out pretty well with zero dead and way less than 1% of the cost of Iraq?

      Obviously people can disagree with Obama, but I feel like you might be being a little histrionic.

      • dmoney

        Facts, so inconvenient to the paranoid

      • proudnot2bliberal

        RE: HUGHK HOW DARE YOU! You used FACTS & TRUTHS when dealing with a LIEberal! Don’t you know this is the reason they watch CNN (communist News Network) & PMSnbc (Progressive Marxist Socialists news) neither has told the truth in years. Just ask one of the dunderheads who watch PMSnbc about Fast & Furious, or about the case of the black panthers in front f the polls in Philly … you’ll get a blank clueless stare (more than usual because they have no idea of the real news. everything is Bush’s fault according to them even things he had nothing to do with.

        You want to PO a conservative LIE to him you want to PO a LIEberal tell them the truth. LIEberals are the most closed minded bigots around… don’t believe me just ask them to watch FOX news for a week! & wait for the 5 minute profanity laced tirade

      • Hugh K

        Well, let’s correct a few misconception – Where to begin? We’ll skip over DOMA and gays in the military. Virtue in our society has sunk to such depths, what is the point of pointing fingers on that matter?
        Moving along…..Deportation – Obama recently bypassed Congress (he seems to do that a lot – does’nt that concern you?) via DHS instituting a new rule halting deportation of all illegal immigrants on a case by case basis. And we all know how swift the courts operate.
        Churches are not exempt from the birth control ‘thing’? Under Obamacare, religious employers are forced to provide birth control coverage to their employees – something the Catholic Church among others are challenging vigorously. Ironically, these are the same religious organizations originally supported Obamacare – now we know why Nanny Pelosi told us we would have to pass the Bill to know what is in it.
        Libya worked out well? For who? Just last week in Gadafi’s former stronghold of Bani Walid its inhabitants staged an uprising. They overran guards at the main prison, where growing numbers of their friends had been detained, and ejected pro-government forces from the town, killing at least four of them. Thousands of men have been dragged away across Libya in the past few months to prison and in many cases torture, in some cases for revenge just because they came from a town that was pro-Gaddafi during the war. The United Nations and human rights groups accuse militias of doing what Gaddafi’s torturers used to do, with whips, chains and plastic hoses. Yeah, Libya worked out real well. Where is the same concern now hysterically displayed in the recent past for Iraqi civilians? Hypocrites.
        A simple google/bing search will confirm all of the above.
        Histionic or truthful?
        The real question is why would you support a President that tramples the constitution appointing czars and bypassing congress in a multitude of ways? If it was Bush would you be so apologetic? Keep in mind that their will be another President after Obama – might be a right-winger that will invoke this precedence set by Obama and trample the rights of those whose ideology you agree with. And remember that person can invoke Presidential precedence. Be careful what you wish for.
        Either you are greatly misinformed or have an aversion to truth..

    • ClapYo Hands

      Can’t wait to follow his strings to the hands of the puppet masters. Those are the ones that must be stopped first, taking O’s scriptwriters away from him. Then listen to him sing to the Supremes.

  • Kevin Sorrels

    Love it!!

  • baldowl

    He’s just painting what so many of us have been thinking.

    • lb 22

      There do seem do be a lot of people whose heads are filled with insane, paranoid delusio0ns these days.

      • lb 22

        ps. I may use the word insane to describe people who are deluded or appallingly ill-informed, but even if I really thought they were clinically insane I don’t think they should all be rounded up, imprisoned, or exterminated, so it seems fairly unpersuasive that the inevitable conclusion of my mindset is a violent fascist religious army that will persecute and exterminate all who disagree.

        You however, really seem to believe that people who disagree with you are violent fanatics who intend to oppress and persecute you.

        Now in all honesty, don’t you think the distance between your point of view, and violence against people who disagree with you looks a whole lot shorter?

      • lb 22

        Hi Bobsled,

        I read most of your manifesto verbatim elsewhere on the thread, so it wasn’t really necessary to copy/paste it here.

        Honestly, it seems like the raving of a mad person, I know you think I say that because I want to avoid addressing the substance of your post, the problem is there is no substance to address. Your description of what I, or any other progressive wants, or believes is cartoonishly absurd and based on nothing but you wanting to imagine the worst of people you disagree with.

        You say that what I think is basically religious belief, and then in the same sentence state that facts aren’t important to you.

        Well, I have defended all of my points with facts, and none of you have even tried to dispute them. I would humbly suggest that you are the one whose view of the world is religious in nature, since it is clearly based on what you want to believe, and not factual evidence.

        As far as me not even trying to understand the viewpoint of those I write off, I have given you all an opportunity to dispute my points and the response has been to call me a stupid idiot with my head in the sand, and leave all of my points unaddressed. If you want me to understand your viewpoint you need to give me more than that.

      • bobsled

        LB 22, your entire discussion is a religious argument. The facts really don’t matter, they are not the point. If it were, you would honestly attempt to understand the viewpoints of those you so easily write off. You have a religious world view that requires you to ridicule anyone with whom you disagree. You label them as ‘insane,’ or ‘paranoid’ because it makes it easy for you to deal with their view points. You are a violent religious fanatic.

        In your mind, and in the minds of others like you, it is perfectly acceptable to have a juvenile emotional response to very reasonable objections. Pretty soon, you, and others like you will project your issues on those with whom you disagree and respond to them as you believe they would respond to you. You will find it very easy to justify your violence because in your mind, ‘those
        people are insane and they deserve what I give them.’ The ultimate end of your argument is the religious persecution of all heretics who disagree with you. In reality, you are projecting your insanity and paranoia on others. It is impossible to have any meaningful discussion with you and with others like you.

        what is really scary about people like you is that you are a religious zealot. True insanity is found with the religious zealot believers of progressive socialism who assume that their ritualistic creed should be self evident to all men, women, and lifeforms inhabiting Earth. Their liturgy requires the entirety of mankind, (or womankind, etc.), to conform to their fervent belief that humankind can become perfect, if only they would convert to their confession of faith and
        let self proclaimed high priests of progressive socialist elites, be they so called scientists or elitist politicians or other experts in their respective fields, dictate to the world what is acceptable in the eyes of the mother earth goddess they claim to worship. The fanatics of progressive thought don’t understand when reasonable people do not genuflect and become breathless in the presence of holy ones of progressive socialist environmentalist doctrine.

        These progressive fanatics are intolerant of any disagreement from heretics and would violently constrain freedom of speech. Ultimately, the devotees of the new world order would set themselves as thought police and take it upon themselves to become the fascist army.

        This fanaticism, this new totalitarian state mind is scary. The lies they swallow are laughable. They strain really hard not to swallow gnats of improper believe while swallowing lies the size of camels and elephants whole. They are entitled to be fools. That is their choice. They just cannot handle the fact that others refuse to become fools with them.

        Lets come to an agreement. You are free to follow your foolish whims. Grant those who don’t want to drink you Kool-aid the freedom to pursue their own happiness. How about minding your own business and let everyone else protect their own self interests?

      • bobsled

        LB 22;

        Not only are you deceived, you are arrogant as well.

      • lb 22

        The “gradual adjustment” comment was hardly a campaign promise, and its not exactly clear from the clip that he thinks they should go up, merely that he prefers they be gradual than sudden. And since it is pretty much inevitable that they will go up over time, which would you prefer, gradual or sudden? You’ve already indicated you are against gradual.

        A quick search showed that 2001 was the highest year for oil production in the US since 2003, the exact opposite of “working overtime to decrease production”, and number 7 in the list of easily disproven conservative fictions.

        In a broader sense, the gas price issue is an interesting one, because it reveals how hollow conservative’s idiot ideology is. Evidently any government interference with private companies or free markets is outrageously tyrannical, except when it comes to oil. In that case conservatives seem to want government to force companies who produce oil domestically to sell only to Americans, at a reduced price, rather than selling it on world markets, where supply and demand will determine the price.

        As far as your other points go, over three years the federal civilian workforce has expanded by less than half a percent, which is slower than population growth. Not exactly evidence of an out of control expansion of government.

        Obama certainly campaigned on a promise of healthcare reform. He may not have talked about mandates, but since he had yet to negotiate the bill with congress, he wouldn’t know what exactly would be in it.

        I’m not a constitutional scholar, my association with the fifth amendment is the right to refuse to testify in a court of law if it might incriminate you. You will have to point out where it says something about wealth distribution. I would point out though, that Republicans are all for wealth distribution, they just believe in using government to transfer wealth from the poor and middle class, to the mega-wealthy.

        I’d keep picking apart your arguments, but I’m sure you get the trend, and have already concluded that none of your points will withstand scrutiny, and I have to take my son to the park now.

      • Barack Mugabe

        lb 22 wrote: “Also, I don’t recall Obama ever campaigning on a platform of raising gas prices through the roof, so lets make that number six on the list of delusional beliefs.”

        Obama was asked if he thinks rising gas prices are a good thing and he stated “I would have preferred a gradual adjustment.”

        And he’s been working overtime to decrease production in this country, his propaganda notwithstanding.

        Of course, he naturally didn’t “campaign” on it. He’s a lying fraud. He knows the people would reject his agenda if he had campaigned on it. He didn’t campaign on a health care mandate, either, claiming that forcing people to purchase health insurance would be like trying to solve homelessness by forcing people to buy a home.

        He DID campaign on “fundamental transformation” and I’ll let a genius like you figure out what that means. Hint: He’s been working over time to swallow up the private sector and expand the size, reach and power of the government. That is hardly advancing the constitutional principle of limited government.

        He also stated that “when you spread the wealth around, I think that’s a good thing for everybody.”

        “Spreading the wealth” is not part of his constitutional mandate, either. In fact, we have a fifth amendment preventing it.

        And he’s been an absolute imperialist, with his executive orders, czars, bureaucratic mandates and insistence that if “Congress doesn’t do what he wants, he’ll do it alone.”

        Hence, the picture. And its accuracy.

        OK, now go back to sucking your thumb and sticking your head deeply in the sand.

      • lb 22

        Also, I don’t recall Obama ever campaigning on a platform of raising gas prices through the roof, so lets make that number six on the list of delusional beliefs.

      • lb 22

        Wow redstate, you sure give up easily. You didn’t even try and dispute one point on my list. Are you sure the cognizant dissonance you perceive is not your own, as you realize you can’t actually find any evidence to support your beliefs?

      • Cka Redstate America

        TO lb22 re: you list: Clearly, sir, you believe that cognitive dissonance is something to be prized.———– That said, I’d say that 69 million or so of the electorate allowed themselves to be deluded that Obama actually meant anything he said while campaigning.————Well, actually, he did in some cases: driving fossil fuel prices through the roof comes immediately to mind.———-This is it for me, with you.

      • Right Is Wrong

        Gas prices continue to rise for a variety reasons: 1. Global demand. 2. Market speculation. 3. Geoglobal unrest, specifically in the mideast 4. Strength of other currencies used to purchase oil 5. Use in plastics, paints and numerous household and industrial items.

        I always thought that Republicans are free market capitalists, yet the forget that oil is one of many commodities traded on the global market. If you don’t like how high oil prices are, perhaps you should get a more fuel efficient car, quit driving so much, switch to a hybrid, etc. Blaming Obama for oil prices is ridiculous. Don’t forget that Exxon Mobil and BP had record profits. I own both, plus Slumberger and Occidental. See just another wealthy Democrat making money in the stock market.

      • lb 22


        take a breathe, get down off your hind legs, and then type. You won’t come across like you are so insane.

        Redstate, I don’t think I have time to type twenty, but I’ll do what I can based on comments I’ve seen on this thread alone.

        1. Obama is gonna take away our guns. (name one piece of legislation that has even been discussed that aims to limit gun ownership)
        2. Obama is going to round up all the christians and put them in concentration camps. (Again, evidence?)
        3. Obama is a marxist communist fascist. .(Name a single policy he has proposed or enacted that wasn’t supported by a major repub previously)
        4. Obama wants to eliminate private ownership (????)
        5. Obama wants to bring in Sharia law (how can this be described as anything but paranoid delusion?)

        Sorry my ride just got here or I’d keep going

        1. Obama is go

      • Cka Redstate America

        Why don’t you enlighten us all with a list of 10-20 things?

      • Quanuck

        Yes, you do seem to be out of touch with reality. Google “45 Communist goals Congressional Record”, “Psychopolitics” and go to http://www.cpusa.org.www. yclusa.org and http://www.plp.org.

        Obama is completing the ambition of communist Russia long after it fell. Unfortunately the moles sent into Europe, North America, the Middle East and SE Asia after WW II are in full bloom.

      • JonSEAZ

        Keep sucking on the Kool Aid straw, son.

      • bobsled

        LB 22;

        That is a ‘rich nugget of insight’ coming from a religious zealot of the progressive socialist environmentalist doctrine. You really believe that If only the world were able to see the truth in your religion and make the elitist socialist environmentalist holy people dictators for life, then humankind would approach perfection.

        The tone of your insightful response says otherwise. Not knowing what to do with reasonable people who refuse to be come fools with you, you provide a diagnosis for which you are not qualified to prescribe. The fallacy in your whimsical notion is that while you have the right to be a fool, you cannot make another become a fool with you. You are to be pitied; you cannot help it. You want to be deceived and you must hear these lies constantly so that you can sleep at night.

  • Marine

    As a fellow artist, That is the most incredible piece of artwork I have ever seen.

    • Lou

      Agreed. I’m not even a fellow artist, but even I can see that da Vinci, Renoir, Rembrandt, Michelangelo and Van Gogh can’t hold a candle to this guy. USA!

    • Bryce

      I prefer Michelangelo. He lets us see some nipple.

    • Seriously?

      Wow, really? Must have never been to an art museum.

      • upaces88

        If you don’t understand why it is soooo important…I can’t imagine the kind of art you enjoy.

      • David Christensen

        Been looking at Jesus immersed in urine Seriously? That’s democrat art.

      • Gary 1206

        Oh, to be as cultured as you.
        BTW – hasn’t “seriously” become the new “whatever” ?

  • BJ

    Wouldn’t be half as “controversial” if the man on the bench was GWB and Obama was standing in his normal arrogant posture wagging his finger at him. The left is just upset over an accurate portrayal.

    • Ted Knight

      The difference is that during Bush years, bad guys weren’t shoving explosive in their underwear or up their ass.

      • lb 22

        The worst terrorist attack in American history was during Bushes term, that was followed by a wave of anthrax attacks, then the shoe bomber. Have you just decided to forget all of that, or do you remember, but feel that the underwear bomber is so much worse, because underwear is naughty?

      • James G

        What does that have to do with anything? Besides, you don’t know what the bad guys were doing. We only know about the underwear bomber because some morons let him get on a plane– after the guy’s own father warned us about him.

        We should never have heard about the underwear bomber– our intelligence agencies knew about him and should have dealt with him before he ever got near a plane, let alone on one flying into the USA.

      • lb 22

        Redstate, what is wrong with you?

        As I already explained once, my comment was purely in response to what Ted Knight said here:
        “The difference is that during Bush years, bad guys weren’t shoving explosive in their underwear or up their ass.”

        I merely pointed out how obviously false this statement is. I made no judgment about how capable or inept Bush was on terrorism. If you want to get into an argument over that, go ahead, but based on how incapable you are of actually reading and comprehending someone else’s position, I don’t think I’ll join you in that.

      • Cka Redstate America

        To Ib 22: What a foolish juvenile comment you made re: terror attacks on Bush 43’s watch.———–But if you’re going to play that Democrat/progressive/liberal/leftist tripe about 9/11 occurring on Bush’s watch and the other things, then chew on this: Were it not for Bill Clinton’s “serve them with legal papers” approach to combating terrorism — actually, he lacked the stones to call it that — and that includes the first bombing of the WTC, the U.S.S. Cole and the embassies in Africa, to name a few — the stage would have not be set for what unfolded in Bush 43’s term.———Oh, yes: The shoe bomber did not originate from the U.S. His flight originated in Paris.———-The underwear bomber’s flight originated in Amsterdam.———- I’ll just spitball it here, but seems the French and Dutch dropped their end of security.———-And given that both bombers had al-Qaeda training, did you ever think that what they did was simply a test to see if they could execute the plan and innocents.———But, per usual, facts are just hindrances to you Democrats/liberals/leftists/progressives who appear so frequently to be so obviously intellectually and morally bankrupt.

      • Right Is Wrong

        Al Qaeda determined to attack US. Saudi Arabians learning how to take off, but not how to land. Face it–inept leadership caused 911. It had nothing to do with former President Clinton. Weak logic and further proof that Republicans are incapable of accepting responsibility for anything.

      • Noel

        Ib 2 obl was after wtc for years there was the bombing in the 90s they couldn’t care less who our pres. Is unless they fear him her

      • lb 22

        Noel, I realize that terrorist attacks happen under every president. That was exactly my point in responding to Ted Knight, who, while great in Mary Tyler Moore, seems to think that terrorist attacks began under Obama.

  • Bet

    Nothing controversial about reality

  • Jack

    Unfortunately for some the truth hurts. This potus has been trampling on the Constitution since Day 1 with the hope of replacing it with his questionable ideology.

  • Kelvin

    Only surprise here is that Obama isn’t depicted as an Occupy Wall Street protester defecating on the Constitution.

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